Under the Tormal Shadow

The following books are available in the Under the Tormal Shadow ‘Verse:

1) The Hole Inside ($6.99 TPB, $3.99 ebook)
POD The Hole Inside Ebook Cover 06
Zachary had spent his entire life with a hole inside of him where his God’s love should be. All around him, other people lived happy, healthy lives but he had never been able to do the same. He did his best to hide it from the people around him, especially when he was young, but people noticed that he was different.

It wasn’t safe so Zachary stayed quiet, tending to his tiny shrine to Illarion, the God of Light, working his pottery job and spending time with his friends. Caleb, Zachary’s best friend and occasional lover, tempted Zachary to drop the masks he hid behind. The risk of being seen as Godless was too high though. His fear and nervousness didn’t stop Caleb from trying nor did it stop Zachary from taking what warmth he could get from their encounters.

Caleb’s easy affection and open love tempted Zachary to reach out to the one person who truly mattered despite the fear of being rebuffed or, worse, reviled for everything he lacked. But one night of sex tempted him to take the chance on the love Caleb offered.

2) Stolen Away ($3.99 ebook, $10.99 TPB)
POD Stolen Away Ebook Cover 09
Trapped at his father’s court, Coby always believed that he would live and die by his father’s tyrannical rules. But Coby’s lover Rodolf had no intention of allowing that to happen. Stolen away in the dead of night, Coby woke to a new home full of warriors, frigid weather and the age-old battle to establish his place among the people surrounding him.

Stolen Away is a fantasy tale of political maneuvering, love and taking risks to achieve your goals.

3. Choice ($3.99 ebook, $10.99 TPB)
POD Choice  Ebook Cover 04
Wade knew that he had very few choices in life. His family lived at the edge of starvation. He could choose to support them or run away. He could choose to live or die. Either way, the world wouldn’t care.

Every day he chose to support his family until the day when everything changed. Sold into slavery, Wade had new choices to make: obey or rebel.

Choice is a thoughtful story of survival against all odds in a harsh world where magic serves the powerful and the poor struggle to make their way through life.


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