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It’s pretty basic at this point. Eventually I hope to offer all of my books for purchase here on this site but at this time I only have links to the locations where you can buy my stories. I will be updating it as more stories go up.

Please note: I’ve organized the store so that each ‘verse has it’s own master page with sub-pages for each particular book and it’s corresponding Special Edition, where applicable. Not all books have Special Editions due to the amount of time necessary for creating them.

1. Matriarchies of Muirin

On the Matriarchal world of Muirin, there are strong women, opinionated men, and mysterious mermaid-like beings known only as the Ladies. These stories follow several families in a number of distinct matriarchal cultures as they live their lives, learn, and grow under the watchful eyes of the Ladies.

Stories range from slice of life adventures appropriate to children to romances and adventures. Sexual content is Teen and above at most. (Some special editions are available but quantities are limited.)

2. Mages of Tindiere

Tindiere is a world torn apart by long-ago mage wars that destroyed the ancient civilizations that ruled it. More than a thousand years later, people live in the ruins of their former glorious lifestyles, unaware of the powers controlling their lives and destinies.

These stories will follow several characters as they confront the secret rulers of Tindiere and then deal with the aftermath of their actions. Sexual and violence content places these stories in the Mature Adults only range, as the stories include on-screen rape, violence, and explicit sexual content only appropriate for adults.

3. Under the Tormal Shadow

The Tormal Dragons are as large as a three-story house. Their appetites dearly drove humanity and Elves to extinction a hundred years ago. The surviving humans and Elves live their lives under the shadow of impending doom, well aware that if the Tormal sweep across the world again there will be no stopping them.

These stories range from appropriate to Teens up to Mature Adults only. Please check each individual story for any warnings that may apply.

4. Various SF & Fantasy Stories

I have a great many worlds and a great many stories to tell. Not all of them fit neatly into one ‘verse or another. In this section you will find my random stories, the ones that struck me and demanded to be written.

Please check each individual story for any warnings that may apply, as they will range from appropriate for children 8 and older up to erotica appropriate for Mature Adults only.

5. Debts to Recover

In a world much like our own, the concept of bankruptcy doesn’t exist. People who can’t pay off their debts are bought as debt slaves by rich company owners called Masters and Mistresses, thus claiming the debtor’s work until the debt is paid in full. Some Masters are good people with only good intentions but others are anything but. In a world where failing to pay off your debt can result in true slavery, where BDSM is an accepted part of everyday life, navigating the path to redeeming your debt and regaining your freedom can be a perilous journey.

These stories range from Mature Teens to Explicit Sex. They contain themes which may disturb sensitive readers, including abuse, slavery, torture, death and all the ways that people can get screwed up when their freedom is taking away from them. Please pay attention to the warnings on each story.

6) Eight Factors

Gifts. Superpowered people who protect humanity from all the dangers that threaten them. Everyone knows that Gifts can erupt when an individual is in life-threatening danger. Over the millenia there have been many Gifts. Some were aclaimed as Gods like Apollo and Thor. Others were burned as witches. To have a Gift is to be forever set apart from humanity, to be called to a higher destiny.

Those Gifts come from eight genetic factors buried deep with people’s blood. What happens when the eight factors wake? How is the world affected? And how are the Gifts controlled so that the population of the world can live in peace?

These stories range from Young Adult to Mature Adults only. They contain themes which may disturb sensitive readers, including racism, sexism, violence against minors and POC, and dystopian autocratic governments. Please pay attention to the warnings on each story.

7) Mouse and Snake

Life as we know it is over. Global warming has melted the ice caps. Sea levels have risen over 250 feet, drowning all coastal cites. Humanity as a whole has two options: Adapt or die.

Life goes on. Technology, bioengineering and sheer determination have allowed humanity to survive what was supposed to be the End of the World. New habitats have been created as old ones were lost. New technology has grown to meet the new demands of life in this altered world. Humans remain humans, though, and all the age-old conflicts of love, pride, honor and greed remain.

These stories range from Adults to Mature Adults Only. They contain themes which may disturb sensitive readers, including racism, sexism, violence against women, men, minors and POC. This is a cyberpunk universe where darkness reins but light, life and hope still remain.

8) The Manor Verse

Ambermarle, gentle kingdom by the sea, home to many races and many creeds living in harmony together. The Manor Verse tells the stories of Ambermarle’s residents as they go about their lives, seeking love and advancement within their respective classes, from the nobility on down to the commoners who have lived on this land for tens of thousands of years.

The Manor Verse includes sweet romance stories with no explicit sex set in an alternate universe where Europe conquest of the world never occurred. Virtually all characters are people of color and happy endings are guaranteed.

9) Short Story Collections

Themed collections, these anthologies include short stories from every ‘verse above. Averaging about 200 pages each, you will find in each installment a collection of my best stories, all arranged around a particular theme. An excellent way to sample the range and diversity of my writing and my universes.

Chibi Anwyn thanks you for rooting her on!


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