The Mages of Tindiere Books For Sale

The following books are available in The Mages of Tindiere ‘verse:

1. Inina’s Blessings of Joy ($6.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
Ebook Inina's Blessings of Joy Ebook Cover 13
On a day meant to celebrate the Goddess Inina’s blessings to the world, Valerian found himself standing between his family and his neighbor Mayolo as dark magic and evil intent threatened to destroy them. Mayolo’s greed threatened to consume Valerian’s daughter and her best friend.

Inina’s Blessings of Joy is a touching fantasy where a father’s love is all that stands between his family and destruction.

2. Artifacts of Awareness ($24.99 TPB, $5.99 ebook)
POD Artifacts of Awareness Ebook Cover 08
Purchased by the King of Penhale, Kennet was assigned to Prince Didymos as his bodyguard slave. Someone wanted the prince dead badly enough to send hordes of assassins after him. Kennet didn’t know who it was but he was determined to track the enemy down no matter what it took. What he found changed Kennet in ways he never anticipated but it might let him save the world, his lovers and himself.

Artifacts of Awareness is an exciting fantasy adventure in a world where magic can alter not just the world but your very soul.

3. Threads of Hope ($5.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
POD Threads of Hope Ebook Cover 15
Gran Anna was careful about using her sewing for magic. There were those who felt her family’s gifts should be wiped out. But helping a young boy who’d lost his family keep his hopes up as he searches for a job in their little town was worth the risk. Anna’s magic might not control the threads of fate but at least she could work a little hope into the shirt she made for David.

Meyari McFarland returns to the Mages of Tindiere with a tale of hope, magic and the struggle to overcome life’s struggles.

4. Threads of Hate ($2.99 ebook, $9.99 TPB)
POD Threads of Hate Ebook Cover 11
Louisa’s life revolved around her mother, her grandparents and their sewing shop. Her burgeoning magic wasn’t something that concerned her. Mother and Grandmother Anna both handled it well, as did her aunts and cousins. There was no reason to think that her magic might someday be a threat to anyone at all.

But then a man came to the shop before opening. His actions changed how Louisa viewed herself, her magic and the rest of the world.

Threads of Hate is a tale of growing up, the power that even the weakest possess and learning the consequences of one’s actions. Readers troubled by abuse of minors and death should read with caution.

5. Boiling the Ocean Away ($2.99 ebook, $10.99 TPB)
POD Boiling the Ocean Away Ebook Cover 09
Kinipela fought with her magic, strictly controlling the need to work the weather and waves surrounding her island. The broken heart left behind by Moanna, her ex-wife, made control that much harder.

Then Kinipela’s little brother arrived with news of storm clouds approaching against the wind, pulling Kinipela out of her grief and into a battle against her heart, her magic and everything she thought she was.

Boiling the Ocean Away is a story of magic, loss, life and discovering your true self that is sure to excite.

6. Threads of Birthing ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Threads of Birthing Ebook Cover 08
It was one of the most frustrating things in Marjory’s life. Her best friend Emily was pregnant again after years of miscarriages but she wouldn’t, couldn’t, accept any of Marjory’s charms to help her safely bear her child. Political forces from outside of their little village threatened not just Marjory’s livelihood but also Emily and her baby’s lives. Marjory hoped that she could find a solution before Emily lost yet another baby.

Threads of Birthing is a fantasy story of family, politics and finding a path that protects everyone you care about in dire circumstances.

7. Transplant of War ($5.99 ebook, $17.99 TPB)
POD Transplant of War Ebook Cover 04
Adane barely escaped war in his homeland. He wanted nothing more than to hide in this new city with his adopted child Chisa by his side. But every choice he makes risks their quiet lives and every day brings the war that Adane fled closer to their doorstep. Soon Adane will have to choose between running away again or taking a stand against an enemy that can’t be seen and cannot be fought.

Transplant of War is an epic fantasy that will draw you and never let you go.

8. A Lone Red Tree ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD A Lone Red Tree Ebook Cover 04
Anger and desperation drove Afya to risk the red tree at the edge of town. Her mother was dying, her little sister already dead, all because of Mother Tabussum. No one would help so Afya risked death to find a path that would bring vengeance against the woman who had destroyed Afya’s entire life.

A Lone Red Tree explores life, death and the places between where a body and soul can be remade into something new and far more terrible.

9. Tending the Temple ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Tending the Temple Ebook Cover 03
Once every ten years a Priestess tended to the temple, painting its murals. Barirah was proud to have that duty but her heart ached for the children she and her wife Jabirah had not been blessed with. But a day of prayer sometimes leads to more than deepening faith and Barirah might just get her prayers answered yet.

Tending the Temple is a gentle exploration of faith, motherhood and what it means to be family in the Mages of Tindiere ‘verse that is sure to warm your heart.

10. Eternal Magic ($5.99 ebook, $14.99 TPB)
POD Eternal Magics Ebook Cover 05
Tindiere. A world wracked by war, controlled by secret conflicts between hugely powerful mages, filled with the tiny joys found in the quiet moments of life. Eternal Magic collects six short stories from various ages in Tindiere, showing the spread and majesty of this war-torn world.

Explore the ancient past, near history and present events of a world that never was in this intriguing collection of stories by Meyari McFarland.

11. City of the Dead ($5.99 ebook, $18.99)
POD City of the Dead Ebook Cover 04
Kennet hated being king. Rudrash was a disaster after his defeat of Mage-King Rihab and Kennet had to fix it. If he could. There was a toxic volcano, not enough food and water, and no safe place for people to live.

On top of that, his old enemy Elder Danek threatened Kennet’s new life from beyond the grave. Come what may, Kennet had to find a home for his people, defeat the challenges ahead of him and maybe, just maybe, find a little peace before he died.

City of the Dead is the exciting sequel to Artifacts of Awareness that you will be sure to remember for years to come.

12. Blue, Red, Green ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Blue Red Green Ebook Cover 03
Cold. Wilson was ready to let the cold kill him but he couldn’t let his little sister Aniyah die. It was Wilson’s fault that she was outside in the icy cold, his fault that the Elder had thrown them out. So it was up to him to save her even if it meant using the magic that made him a monster.

Blue, Red, Green is an electric story of family, being true to yourself and taking chances set in the Mages of Tindiere universe that is sure to entertain.

13. Running From The Immortals (Book 1 of Blood of the Artificer Mages Trilogy) ($6.99 ebook, $18.99 TPB)
POD Running From The Immortals Ebook Cover 03
Trapped by the blood magic that tied him to his mother, Juraj knew escape was impossible. Elder Danek controlled Nadezda, their town, everyone he saw and touched.

But a forced engagement to a woman who loathed Juraj pushed him to run.

It wasn’t enough to escape town. To save himself from magical enslavement, Juraj had to save the entire world, no matter what the cost may be.

14. Hearts of Magic (Book 2 of Blood of the Artificer Mages Trilogy) ($6.99 ebook, $18.99 TPB)
POD Hearts of Magic Ebook Cover 02
Blood Magic stalked Juraj. He had escaped his home town but Elder Danek still hunted him.

His sole ally, Besim, held a Hearts of Magic. Together they set out to the Concordance to enlist the aid of the other Hearts of Magic.

If Juraj wanted to free the Blood Slaves, he had to convince the Hearts of Magic to challenge the Immortals.

But the Hearts might be an even greater danger to Juraj’s survival.

15. Triumph of the Artificer Mages ($6.99 ebook, $18.99 TPB)
POD Triumph of the Artificer Mages Ebook Cover 03
There had to be a spell to kill his enemies.

Juraj and Besim fled the Concordance of the Hearts of Magic, clinging to the hope that there was a solution. The question was what it would cost Juraj and Besim.

They weren’t strong enough to free the world by themselves. Besim feared that it would take Juraj’s death.

Juraj and Besim needed a miracle if they were to save to world and set everyone free.

16. Tiny Gifts of Peace ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TBP)
POD Tiny Gifts of Peace Ebook Cover 03
Nonna’s granddaughter hated her fiancé and the upcoming marriage. Couldn’t blame her. The man was a useless lump.

She’d had husbands like that. It was annoying other than the daughters they’d sired for Nonna.

Nonna’s daughters hadn’t inherited the means to deal with useless husbands. Her granddaughters had.

So Nonna hummed as she made wedding presents that would give them all a bit of peace.


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