2. Fight Smarter

Fight Smarter Front Cover 09 300dpi
On the matriarchal world of Muirin, thirteen-year-old Gavin of the Dana Clan was painfully aware that he was being groomed for a powerful position in the family despite his gender. He wasn’t sure that he wanted it until he caught his younger sister Gwen helping their little sister Anwyn through the back hallways of the Dana Clan House, both of them injured and covered with blood.

Anwyn’s injuries and how she got them threatened to destroy the fragile peace their mother had brokered. The other powerful clans in Aingeal barely supported the Dana against their rivals the Delbhana after Anwyn’s adventure in the city of the Ladies. Between the threats the Delbhana posed and the rising violence Anwyn’s rival Siobhan had visited upon her, though, Gavin saw an opportunity.

If he could ride the tides of the confrontation correctly, Gavin thought that he could beat back the Delbhana and save his little sister’s life. If he failed everyone in the Dana Clan would pay the price, starting with Gavin himself.

(This story is appropriate for young adults and adults. It contains off-screen bullying resulting in severe injuries, matriarchal societies and one thirteen-year-old boy who takes on a very angry adult who’s trying to hide things. This is the second in my series of planned stories following Anwyn and her rather unconventional family.)

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