12. Three Sisters

Three Sisters POD Ebook Cover 05
Raina, Paulin and Idoberga Smith: Tommy Leigh served all three sisters over the course of several days. Their vicious kinks pushed Tommy’s capacity to endure the pain they inflicted. The reward offered by learning their secrets was barely enough to override his pain and fear.

Set in the Debts to Recover ‘verse, Three Sisters is a tale of sadism set loose and sisterly bonds turned sour. In a world that went down a different path, sometimes it was the one with the least power who had the greatest potential to effect change.

Note: This story includes BDSM practiced in unsafe ways, beatings, abusive wax play and sexual manipulation for financial gain. Please read with caution if these themes might trigger you.

Find this story:

On Amazon ebook for $2.99 or 5″ x 8″ TBP for $10.99
On Smashwords ebook for $2.99
On CreateSpace TPB for $10.99


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