Debts to Recover

Debts to Recover Books For Sale

1) Sound of Obedience ($6.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
POD Sound of Obedience Ebook Cover 13
Cain is a debt slave with the soul of a Master, owned by Dave Tucker who wants nothing more than to submit. Their relationship, scandalous in its reversals, has to be a secret but when the notorious terrorist Black attacks a party they attended, the aftermath tests them to their limits.

Can Dave live up to his title while Cain dances with death?

2) Taste of Joy ($6.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
POD Taste of Joy Ebook Cover 12
Filming a porno earned Adhemar money to pay back his debt so that he could regain his freedom.

That was a side benefit. The best part of his work was having his lover Neil underneath him as he made Neil’s control unravel.

Stealing what few moments of joy he could was what it took to keep Adhemar’s soul alive until the day he was a free man once more.

3) An Unrepentant Bastard ($8.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)

POD Unrepentant Bastard Ebook Cover 13
A case of mistaken identity pulled Jason de Havin from his job working the grill into Master Darius Elshag’s office.

Thrust into a new relationship, Jason copes. Mostly. The pay is excellent and the ‘benefits’ beyond amazing but Master Darius’ feelings towards Jason remained a mystery.

Until a rival targeted Jason and then the whole world learned just what sort of bastard Jason had fallen for.

4) Crack of Doom ($6.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
POD Crack of Doom Ebook Cover 10
Sweet-voiced little Mistress Betsy knew her way around whips.

Chadrick’s favorite BDSM club sometimes hosted visiting Masters and Mistresses. So when Mistress Betsy came in to demo whip skills, Chadrick jumped at the chance to volunteer to serve her.

He expected nothing more than a good beating but Mistress Betsy had other ideas in mind.

5. New Boy ($5.99 TPB, $2.99 ebook)
POD New Boy Ebook Cover 09
Urith cocked a hip as he stared down the three masters he had to service tonight. Drunk, too rich to care what damage they did to him, and sadistic as hell. Lovely. Didn’t matter. Urith would play the game, get beaten and fucked, while taunting secrets out of them that Mistress Felice could use.

Worst part was afterwards though when he had to deal with a new boy who didn’t know the ropes yet.

6. Be With Me ($2.99 ebook, $6.99 TPB)
Be With Me POD Ebook Cover 05
August in the city was the worst time of year in Yuseulf’s opinion; the heat made everything unbearable. While Yuseulf spent his time trying to avoid the heat, his lover Izai delighted in it. Both recently freed debt slaves, Izai and Yuseulf didn’t have many material possessions but their freedom made up for it.

Izai’s creativity made up for the heat. He knew exactly how to excite Yuseulf enough that he didn’t care about what other people thought or where they happened to be. And fortunately for Yuseulf, August was the perfect time for Yuseulf’s favorite sort of play: bondage and ice.

Starting their lives over again after paying off their debts wasn’t half as important to Yuseulf as spending as much time as possible with Izai. Yuseulf didn’t let himself think about all the things that he dreamed of in the privacy of his tiny apartment. Whenever he spent time with Izai, there was too much laughter for his hopes and his fears to overwhelm him.

But one hot August evening might just show Yuseulf that the things he’d dreamed of were far more attainable than he’d thought and that his fears were far less justified than he’d believed.

Warnings/Themes: This story includes consensual BDSM, ice play and some public displays of sexual affection that are considered unremarkable in this ‘verse. Overall, though, the story is mostly fluffly.

7. A Range of Debts Collection ($5.99 ebook, $18.99 TPB)
A Range of Debts POD Ebook Cover 08
A generation ago America passed a law allowing a bankrupt person’s debts to be bought by rich Masters. The debt slaves then belonged to their Masters for the duration of the debt until they repaid their Master’s largess.

Included in this collection are six stories in the Debts to Recover universe, ranging from Sound of Obedience where the Master and slave’s roles swap depending on whether they’re in public or private, to Taste of Joy wherein two debt slaves owned by separate masters steal whatever moments of joy they can get, even if it is in front of the camera.

You will find masters who are unapologetic bastards to everyone but their chosen person (An Unrepentant Bastard), fully consensual BDSM play between a sweet young man and a visiting Mistress with a taste for whips (Crack of Doom), brothel slaves working industrial espionage (New Boy) and newly freed boys making the best of a hot August evening together (Be With Me). Step into the Debts to Recover universe and explore slave life.

This book collects all the Debts to Recover stories issued so far. Warnings / Themes include BDSM, dubious consent, off-screen rape, industrial espionage, ice play, whippings, and fluffy fluff that fluffs all over the place. Please read with caution if you have problems with any of these themes.

8. The Nature of Beasts ($5.99 ebook, $19.99 TPB)
The Nature of Beasts POD Ebook Cover 09
Which was true: Desire or Fear?

A generation ago America passed a law allowing a bankrupt person’s debts to be bought by rich Masters. The debt slaves then belonged to their Masters for the duration of the debt. Kaleb Macintyre had been a Master, leading Macintyre industries with a strong hand. Then an abusive relationship drove him to abandon everything he had ever cared about, including the city he called home.

Fifteen years later, Kaleb returned. All he wanted was a quiet life far from the high pressure politics, corporate espionage and decadent sex clubs he’d once known so well. His former haunts held nothing of interest to him, especially given that his former lover Todd had claimed them as his own after Kaleb’s departure.

A chance encounter with his young neighbor Nenne made him question whether the instincts that had served him so well years ago could ever truly be set aside. Saving Nenne from his abusive Master was a good deed that Kaleb couldn’t regret. Mentoring Nenne as he began to explore his submissive nature was as natural as breathing despite the nightmares that haunted Kaleb’s dreams.

But time heals all wounds and as Kaleb watched Nenne bloom from a frightened and abused boy into a confident and mature young man, Kaleb wondered if his own scars would ever heal. The past with Todd was still painfully present for Kaleb. Despite that, Kaleb found himself turning more and more to Nenne as his soul healed from the past and sought to return to the way’s that had once served him so well.

The possibility of a relationship with Nenne both terrified and enticed Kaleb. The more time passed the more he questioned whether his fears or his desires were wrong. Deciding what to do might take more than Kaleb had, especially with the threat of Todd still lurking in the very clubs that Nenne began to frequent.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

9. Jam Crisis ($2.99 ebook, $7.99 TPB)
Jam Crisis POD Ebook Cover 07
The Wrong Choice Spelled Doom.

A generation ago America passed a law allowing a bankrupt person’s debts to be bought by rich Masters. The debt slaves then belonged to their Masters for the duration of the debt. If they failed to pay back their debts then they clearly weren’t worthy of normal human rights. They became nothing more than property, sold off as true slaves to cover to cost of their debts.

Dustin had done his best in the debt slavery system but he’d failed. It seemed as though no matter what he tried it always ended in failure. He’d tried to be a good son, a good debt slave and then a good true slave, but at every turn he was shown in the most painful ways possible that he hadn’t succeeded.

Being sold to his new Master Augustin should have been a relief. Unlike Master Reyes, his previous master, Master Augustin was calm and controlled. But Dustin knew better than to trust the calm before the inevitable storm. Sometime soon his Master would snap and then Dustin would be the first thing to feel his Master’s rage.

All he could hope to do was stay quiet and be careful not to set his Master off. Unfortunately that was a doomed hope when his Master gave him impossible tasks to complete with incomplete information. Dustin tried his best only to fail for trying too hard. What Master Augustin told him after his fall changed everything that Dustin had ever thought and believed in ways he would never have thought possible.

Please note that this story includes themes of child abuse, children coping with adult caregiver mental illnesses and alcoholism, past persistant physical, sexual and mental abuse leading to PTSD and recovery from abuse. If those are issues for you then please read carefully.

10. Controlled Edge ($2.99 ebook, $9.99 TPB)
POD Controlled Edge Ebook Cover 03
Master John Boles, the most powerful Master in the state, owned Berta. Personally she considered him in the top three Masters in the country. She was proud to serve as in his security forces as his private serial killer.

Given the freedom to torture information out of her new lover, Berta indulges in breaking Adalina. Only question is would Adalina break or would she consider Berta’s knives an erotic treat to be begged for again and again?

Set in the Debts to Recover universe, Controlled Edge is an erotic story of what goes wrong when spies go up against serial killers with a taste for blood and mutilation.

Note: This story contains both consensual and nonconsensual knife play, blood play, bondage, and domination and submission. Those who have issues with these themes should read with caution.

11. Silken Embrace ($2.99 ebook, $9.99 TPB)
POD Silken Embrace Ebook Cover 05
Tommy’s first job as an industrial spy wasn’t a tough one: Seduce Mistress Teolinda Horne and discover the identity of her lover. His job as a prostitute in Mistress Felice Hong’s brothel made it easy to arrange. But Teolinda was far nicer than he expected. Keeping himself focused on his mission got harder the longer they played.

Teolinda knew perfectly well that Tommy was a spy. That didn’t mean that their time together had to be emotionless and dull. She wanted to play dress up. Tommy wasn’t her lover but he was good enough for a night out. No matter what secrets he wanted to steal, Teolinda could still enjoy herself. Besides, Tommy was so new that Teolinda wasn’t worried about giving anything important away.

Set in the Debts to Recover universe, Silken Embrace is an erotic tale of seduction and industrial espionage. Connections can form between two people in the unlikeliest of places, especially when their laughter and kinks coincide.

Please note that this story includes crossdressing, consensual silk bondage and lots of laughter. If you have issues with these themes please read with caution.

12. Three Sisters ($2.99 ebook, $10.99 TPB)
Three Sisters POD Ebook Cover 05
Raina, Paulin and Idoberga Smith: Tommy Leigh served all three sisters over the course of several days. Their vicious kinks pushed Tommy’s capacity to endure the pain they inflicted. The reward offered by learning their secrets was barely enough to override his pain and fear.

Set in the Debts to Recover ‘verse, Three Sisters is a tale of sadism set loose and sisterly bonds turned sour. In a world that went down a different path, sometimes it was the one with the least power who had the greatest potential to effect change.

Note: This story includes BDSM practiced in unsafe ways, beatings, abusive wax play and sexual manipulation for financial gain. Please read with caution if these themes might trigger you.

13. Feast of the Senses ($2.99 ebook, $9.99 TPB)
POD Feast of the Senses Ebook Cover 07
Four lives intertwined through affection, dominance and sex. Feast of the Senses is a tale of the little moments that bind people together and the varied ways that love grows when you give a relationship time and freedom.

Sometimes growing older together doesn’t mean that the flame burns lower. When couples are open to each other’s kinks the flame burns higher and higher.

Note: This story includes cross dressing, food play, biting and BDSM within committed relationships. If these themes may trigger you please read with caution.

14. Captured Debts ($5.99 ebook, $18.99 TPB)
POD Captured Debts Ebook Cover 06
Six erotic stories that mix debt, BDSM and slavery; Captured Debts is a collection of short stories that shows what happens when society takes a turn for the worst. Love and laughter battle with fear and pain in these glimpses into another world.

Jam Crisis is a tale of surviving abuse and finding happiness when everyone around you goes mad. Controlled Edge mixes serial killers with spies, much to the spy’s dismay and delight. In Silken Embrace a new debt slave discovers that even in servitude it’s possible to find laughter and love only to have that laughter stripped away in Three Sisters. Finally, Feast of the Senses is a story of long-lasting relationships and the ways that pleasure grows when you give it time to mature.

Captured Debts collects five stories previous published separately in one convenient package. Please note that the stories in this collection contain BDSM, dubious consent, and mild to severe kink. If any of these themes may trigger you please read with caution.

15. Popular ($2.99 ebook, $7.99 TPB)
POD Popular Ebook Cover 04
Popularity wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Tommy’s popularity among the Masters who visited the brothel was rising so quickly that he wasn’t sure his body could handle it. Sure, it paid off his debt faster than normal but the price might be too high for him to bear.

Popular is a tale of twisted sex, spying and the consequences of fame. Readers who have issues with dubious consent and mind games should read with caution. Also included in this edition is the first chapter of Sound of Obedience, a tale of love, obedience and finding strength in submission while society expects you to dominate.

16. Anniversary ($2.99 ebook, $10.99 TPB)
POD Anniversary Ebook Cover 06
Andy had plans for his fifth wedding anniversary with Thomas. They would have dinner together. There would be sex in the living room on the sheepskin rug. Then they would to go bed and have more sex before falling asleep in each other’s arms. Their previous anniversaries hadn’t been special but by God, this one would be.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans for Andy and Thomas. Dinner was abandoned when Thomas came home injured. Their quick trip to get him treatment turned in a desperate struggle to survive when Black attacked the city. The only thing Andy had to cling to was his determination to get Thomas to medical care no matter what it took.

Anniversary is an exciting romantic adventure set in the Debts to Recover verse.

17. Collected Debts ($6.99 ebook, $19.99 TPB)
Collected Debts Omnibus Ebook Cover 03
A world twisted by debt, tortured by terrorism: Meyari McFarland explores how debt and slavery intertwine in the best and worst ways in this collection of thirteen short stories and novellas.

Explore BDSM, romance, and adventure in:

Feast of the Senses
Jam Crisis
New Boy
Unrepentant Bastard
Controlled Edge
Silken Embrace
Sound of Obedience
Crack of Doom
Three Sisters
Taste of Joy
Be With Me

18. Assumptions of Debt ($5.99 ebook, $12.99 TPB)
POD Assumptions of Debt Ebook Cover 05
A new master only meant more abuse as Tommy paid off his debt. Master John Boles was different.

Even as Tommy’s past came back, full of torture and fear, Boles kept Tommy safe.

Better still, he wasn’t alone anymore. With Jay at his side, Tommy finally had a chance at revenge and freedom.

But only if his past didn’t steal him away and kill him first.


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