7. A Range of Debts (Collection)

A Range of Debts POD Ebook Cover 08
A generation ago America passed a law allowing a bankrupt person’s debts to be bought by rich Masters. The debt slaves then belonged to their Masters for the duration of the debt until they repaid their Master’s largess.

Included in this collection are six stories in the Debts to Recover universe, ranging from Sound of Obedience where the Master and slave’s roles swap depending on whether they’re in public or private, to Taste of Joy wherein two debt slaves owned by separate masters steal whatever moments of joy they can get, even if it is in front of the camera.

You will find masters who are unapologetic bastards to everyone but their chosen person (An Unrepentant Bastard), fully consensual BDSM play between a sweet young man and a visiting Mistress with a taste for whips (Crack of Doom), brothel slaves working industrial espionage (New Boy) and newly freed boys making the best of a hot August evening together (Be With Me). Step into the Debts to Recover universe and explore slave life.

This book collects all the Debts to Recover stories issued so far. Warnings / Themes include BDSM, dubious consent, off-screen rape, industrial espionage, ice play, whippings, and fluffy fluff that fluffs all over the place. Please read with caution if you have problems with any of these themes.

Find A Range of Debts here:

On Amazon $5.99 ebook.
On Smashwords $5.99 ebook
On CreateSpace $18.99 5″ x 8″ TBP


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