Tales of Unification

1. Memories of Fire ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Memories of Fire Ebook Cover 03
Youneda’s life was as comfortable as it could be for an aging dragon with a horde of pottery instead of gold or jewels. One day he received a message that drew him out of his comfortable suburban lair and down to the glittering magical city of Belleview, WA. Once there, he confronted not a relic of the Opening but his own past and memories of a fire that had haunted him for decades.

Memories of Fire is an urban fantasy focused on history, memory and the persistence of fear long after the cause has fled.

2. August Highs ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD August Highs Ebook Cover 02
August sat in her car, fingers clenched around the steering wheel.

Going to a family barbeque with her girlfriend Janie felt like the biggest challenge of her life even though Janie had insisted it was casual, jeans and tennies.

That didn’t mean Janie’s family was ready for August. Or that she was ready for them.

Could a werewolf pack accept a fire dragon into their midst or was August just dreaming?

3. Checkout Line ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Checkout Line Ebook Cover 02
Trapped in the checkout line, Youneda had no desire to give advice to baby dragons.

He was old and did not want desperately earnest questions that could not be properly answered.

As the oldest dragon in the store, Youneda was trapped between questions and broken cash registers.

A sweet slice-of-life fantasy, Checkout Line speaks of hope, change and the freedom of being yourself no matter what.

4. Maintenance ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Maintenance Ebook Cover 02
Deidre frowned at the porch. Damn the pixies she had allowed to move into the floorboards.

They’d eaten through the joists and now she had to repair the deck without destroying their nest.

Unfortunately baby Mori had already fallen through and been bitten mercilessly.

Now Deidre had to find a way to balance her family against the pixies’ to keep both of their families safe, healthy and growing.

5. Smell of Joy ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Smell of Joy Ebook Cover 02
Few dragons collected teapots. Youneda didn’t care. They pleased him and his hoard was worth enough to allow him a comfortable life in the suburbs.

Nothing bothered him anymore.

At least until a new neighbor in the suburb shattered everyone’s peace with wild magic that drove Youneda off his basking couch and out into the rain to solve the mystery of what had turned the world orange.

6. Fairy Dragon Blues ($2.99 ebook, $5.99 TPB)
POD Fairy Dragon Blues Ebook Cover 03
Soggy leaves squished under Janie’s boots.

Fixing the back fence wasn’t a fun job but it would go quick with the whole pack. At least until they reached the unnaturally flooded stream.

Crossing a swollen stream shouldn’t be deadly but Janie found a way to risk her life doing it.

The question wasn’t whether she’d survive–it was whether her pack would survive what she found on the other side.

7. Tales of the Opening (Collection) ($5.99 ebook, $12.99 TPB)
POD Tales of the Opening Ebook Cover 04
Quiet moments from a fantastic world: Tales of the Opening contains six stories from the Unification universe where humans and dragons argue about lawn maintenance while pixies fly overhead.

Meyari McFarland creates stories of the fantastic filled with queer characters that will touch your heart.

Included are:

Memories of Fire
August Highs
Checkout Line
Smell of Joy
Fairy Dragon Blues