1. The City of the Ladies

1. The City of the Ladies
Cover for the novella The City of the Ladies

Price: $2.99 (approximately 50 pages / 11,000 words)

On the matriarchal world of Muirin, seven-year-old Anwyn of the Dana Clan had no interest in going to the Delbhana Clan’s big party. Her arch-rival Siobhan would be there and Anwyn had promised not to pick a fight with her, no matter how tempting it was to break the older girl’s nose. When Anwyn’s efforts to protect her twin brother Cadfael from Siobhan’s bullying failed, she was ready to fight even if it would get her in trouble with her mother and aunts.

But an escalating series of near-fights between Anwyn and Siobhan led to a dare that Anwyn couldn’t turn down, not after Siobhan failed so miserably at it. Accepting the challenge was the only thing that honor and pride would allow her to do, as well as the only way she had to protect her twin from Siobhan’s bullying. So Anwyn marched off to the City of the Ladies, that alien fortress of crystal and silence in the middle of the river. What she found there was worth all the teasing and fights that head lead up to the challenge: the mysterious Ladies themselves at the heart of the City that the Delbhana Clan wanted everyone to forget.

(This story is appropriate for young adults and adults. It contains bullying, some off-screen corporal punishment, matriarchal societies and one seven-year-old girl who bites off a bit more than she can chew one day. This is the first in a series of planned stories following Anwyn and her rather unconventional family.)

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Now Available in 6″x9″ Trade Paper Back for $5.99 via CreateSpace: here! You can also buy it on Amazon here!

Special Editions of The City of the Ladies: $15 + Shipping anywhere in the world:

Picture showing all items included in the special edition of The City of the Ladies

Items offered for Special Edition 01: The City of the Ladies

You will get 1 signed copy of The City of the Ladies, a 6″ x 9″ trade paperback, one hand stamped envelope containing an origami crane and a hand stamped and lettered bookmark with a quote from the story adorned by a special blue bead, all wrapped in hand stamped brown paper that has been specially folded. It will be tied up with a piece of recycled sari silk cord and labeled with a hand stamped tag that shows “Special Edition 1”, the in-universe date the story occurred, and the item number. All work has been done by me. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing one of the Special Editions but note that there are only five left and no more will be created in the future.


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