2. Another Path to Infinity

POD Another Path to Infinity ebook cover 08
When death stole one life, she searched for another.

Exie used her magic to travel from world to world in search of another place, and another woman, to call home. Grief kept her at Benella’s side for entirely too long, long enough that she left with anger and recriminations at her back. Benella had seemed like the answer to Exie’s prayers but she’d been wrong.

Years spent wandering the paths to infinity hadn’t led Exie to another woman who could replace her lost love. After five years of running, Exie wondered whether she’d ever find someone who could make her settle down.

Then a mistake while walking the paths dropped Exie into a life or death situation with the Goddess of All. Exie’s faith had died along with her lost love Tivian, or so she’d thought. She might have forsaken the Goddess when she ran away from home but it appeared that the Goddess hadn’t abandoned Exie.

Collapsed in a strange world unlike any she’d ever found before, Exie was at the mercy of a woman who could be Tivian’s twin. She might take pity on Exie but it appeared that her husband, world-twin to Exie’s own brother, had no such intentions.

Was this world the last she would ever see or would it prove to be the starting point for a path that led to Exie’s true home?

Please note that this story includes mentions of death (prior to the story’s start), grieving for a loved one, lesbian relationships, religious imagry and an encounter with a Goddess, and getting over one’s grief. If these are issues that you have problems with please read with caution.

You can find the story:

On Amazon ebook for $3.99 or TPB for $9.99
On Smashwords ebook for $3.99
On Kobo ebook for $3.99
On CreateSpace 5″ x 8″ TPB for $9.99
On iBookstore TPB for $9.99


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