3. Fitting In

Fitting In POD Cover 05 ebook version
3. Fitting In

On the matriarchal world of Muirin, sixteen-year-old Cadfael of the Dana Clan knew many things; most importantly that he was miserable living in his family’s home. Unfortunately, every time he left home he faced harassment that sent him running straight back. Trapped between his personal safety and everyone else’s expectations, Cadfael didn’t see a way for things to change.

But then he was sent on a surprise trip around the world to Ntombi, a land of dark-skinned people, harems full of pampered men and two siblings who seduced his very soul. Ynes, general of the Ntombian armies, spoke to the part of his heart that wanted to be protected and listened to. Macario, her only brother and leader of the men’s harem, tempted Cadfael on a much more physical level.

Ntombi seemed to be the place he’d always looked for and never found but his family’s history and the political forces in Aingeal and Ntombi made it seem impossible that he’d ever get to claim a life with Ynes and Macario. Cadfael had a choice to make, a dare to face and the only hope for a happy life for the three of them rested in Cadfael’s frightened hands.

(This story is appropriate for Teens and Adults. There is light sexual content between consenting adults, matriarchal societies, and a great deal of resistance to an interracial relationship. There should be very little triggering content in this story.)

Find This Story:

On Amazon, Smashwords, iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Diesel eBook Store and finally Sony Reader eBook Store for $5.99.

Now Available in 5″x8″ Trade Paper Back for $18.99 via CreateSpace: here. You can also buy it on Amazon here and Barnes and Noble here.

Special Edition of Fitting In:
The Special Edition of Fitting In includes 1 signed and stamped copy of the 5″ x 8″ TPB of the book, 1 hand-stamped envelope which contains 1 hand-stamped and hand lettered note card with a quote from the story, 1 hand-stamped and hand lettered bookmark with a different quote from the story, 1 origami crane (random color) and 1 tag showing the Special Edition number (the tag pictured is a sample from Special Edition# 1), the date in the universe that the story starts plus the item number. The Special Edition is wrapped in brown paper in a fancy Japanese style (style may vary from the sample shown above) and tied with recycled sari silk cord. In addition each Special Edition of Fitting In will include the canvas Tote Bag shown above.

Price: $30 + Shipping (will ship worldwide)


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