5. Intruder

POD Intruder Ebook Cover 03
Marikellian explored the universe, sliding between dimensions that teemed with life. There had to be more than the boring, ordinary life back at the Source of All. His people viewed the burgeoning dimensions as nothing more than livestock but Marikellian had learned that they were individuals, people, as sentient and aware as he was. Peaceful coexistence was possible, not that his people listened to him. Wandering was better than the scorn he got back home.

At least until he encountered a dimension unlike any he’d ever seen. Marikellian didn’t realize the danger until it was too late. Sucked into the dark dimension to be consumed, Marikellian gambled on his wits and his will power. If he was careful he might not only save his life but also the lives of his entire people but that meant influencing the evolution of whole new breed of deadly predators: Humans.

Intruder is an exciting story in the Eight Factors universe. Teenagers and up will enjoy this coming of age adventure.

Find This Story:

On Amazon $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords $2.99 ebook
On CreateSpace $10.99 5″ x 8″ TPB


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