Free Fiction Friday: Darkness Rising

POD Darkness Rising Ebook Cover 02
Kia’s life revolved around the monsters that stalked her tribe every night. The Dark killed at will and there was nothing that Kia could do. Until one night, Kia’s anger overwhelmed her fear. Her life went on a different path, one that she could never have anticipated. Defender of her tribe, Kia bided her time until she discovered a weakness in the Dark that promised everyone freedom.

Darkness Rising is a moody science fiction story set in humanity’s ancient past where one woman’s life made a huge difference in humanity’s development and in first contact with a mysterious alien race.

Darkness Rising

By Meyari McFarland

1. Night

Kia watched quietly, nibbling on her bottom lip as Chinara took a fresh incense cone and gently set it on the family altar. Her hands didn’t shake the way Fola’s had when she put the dates on the altar. Chinara’s hands were steady. Her voice was calm as she prayed to the Gods to grant them good weather, bountiful harvests and freedom from the Dark. It felt wrong for her to be so calm. She should be angry, like Kia.

Outside, Kia heard the strange echoing sounds of impacts that always came from the Dark’s ravine. They were such a normal part of her life that she barely noticed them. Since Mother and Father had been taken by the Dark the sounds seemed louder, more threatening. Kia had tried banging rocks and wood together but nothing made the same hollow booming sound that the Dark’s hammering did. It was if they hammered on something completely different from the familiar wood, rock and earth that surrounded Kia.

“Will you set the flame, Kia?” Chinara asked.

“Can I?” Kia asked, surprised. “I thought I wasn’t big enough yet.”

“It’s just the three of us,” Chinara sighed, her smile so sad that Fola put a comforting hand on her shoulder. “I think it’s okay as long as you’re careful.”

“I’ll be very careful!” Kia exclaimed.

She scrambled up from her cushion by the fire, coming over to take the little lamp from Chinara. It was heavier than she expected. The rosy quartz crystal base chilled her fingers and filled both her hands. Fola poured a puddle of oil in the hollowed out center of the base. Kia let her tongue poke out of her lips between the gap where her front tooth had fallen out, concentrating hard as Chinara carefully lit the little puddle of oil for her.

“Just set it on the altar, Kia,” Chinara said, “right between the dates and the incense.”

“Okay,” Kia said.

Kia had to stand on her toes to set the lamp on the altar. She was very careful to make sure that the lamp didn’t slosh to the sides, spilling the oil and fire. Chinara smiled as Kia stepped back, resting her hands on Kia’s shoulders. Fola patted Kia’s shoulder and smiled too but her smile was wobbly and sad, not confident and reassuring.

“Do you know the words?” Chinara asked.

“Uh-uh,” Kia said. “Say them for me?”

“Of course,” Chinara laughed. “Just repeat after me, okay?”

She took a deep breath as she stared at the lamp for a long moment. Chinara carefully picked up the incense cone and touched the tip of it to the flame, holding it there until it began to smolder. A long thread of smoke curled towards the ceiling of their cave. Kia watched with Chinara and Fola as the smoke built in the dark spot over the altar before slowly flowing like an upside down river towards the smoke hole that led outside.

“Protect and defend us,” Chinara said, looking back down at Kia. “Keep us safe so that we may bear the flame to the next generation.”

Kia repeated the words along with Fola, her tongue stumbling a little on ‘generation’ but Chinara didn’t seem to mind. She tugged both Fola and Kia back over to the cushions, sitting with Kia in her arms. Her arms were thinner and harder than they had been before Mother and Father went to the Dark. Chinara’s belly was flatter, too. It made her hip bones poke into Kia’s side but she was warm and that was nice enough that Kia didn’t complain.

A wail sounded outside, faint and distant. It sounded so far away that Kia wondered if it was out on the plains instead of in one of the other caves. No one lived on the plains, though, so that didn’t make sense. It was too dangerous out there with the Dark and lions and crocodiles and hippos. Chinara’s arms went hard and tight around Kia’s back, tugging her so close that Kia protested.

“Hush,” Chinara whispered.

“Chinara!” Fola hissed. “What do we do? There’s no one to defend us now. We’re all alone.”

“Hush!” Chinara repeated. “We stay quiet. We stay still. We don’t go out at night. We’ll be fine.”

“Should have gone to live with Duna,” Fola muttered but she said it very quietly.

Chinara didn’t seem to hear her though Kia could feel the way Chinara’s body stiffened. They’d already argued about that. In the last three days since the Dark got Mother and Father, Fola and Chinara had argued about it again and again and again. Last time Chinara had screamed at Fola and slapped her. Neither of them had brought it up since.

Kia didn’t want to go live with Duna. He was big and strong but his cave was the closest to the plain. He didn’t live high up where it was hard for the Dark to climb. It made her scared when Duna looked at Chinara. The look in his eyes was more like when Father had brought in an antelope for dinner than how Father had looked at Mother. Besides, Duna’s cave was full of other women, ones he’d convinced that he could protect against everything including the Dark.

“Why do they come?” Kia whispered once Fola had stopped shaking and Chinara’s eyes had relaxed around Kia’s back. “Why do they take people away, Chinara?”

“I don’t know,” Chinara whispered back. “I don’t think anyone does.”

Other wails rose in the night, closer, father away, then one so close that it sounded as though it came from two caves down. Fola gasped and hid her face in Chinara’s back. Chinara shivered but she stayed perfectly still other than the way her arms tightened once more around Kia’s back.

A wail came from the cave next to theirs, full of terror and something that Kia had never heard before. It was a sound like teeth grinding or maybe like grain being ground between two flat stones. But it wasn’t that. She could tell. The grinding sound was too wet for grain, even fresh gathered grain that hadn’t yet dried in the sun.

“Go away,” Kia whispered. “Go away!”

The wet grinding sound changed to a burbling sound that reminded Kia of a babbling brook. Another burbling sound answered it, then a third. Fola whimpered high in her throat, backing away from Chinara and Kia until her back was pressed against the back of their cave. Chinara’s shaking was so bad that Kia felt like her eyes couldn’t focus on the dark patch that was the entrance to their cave.

“No…” Chinara whispered. “Please no!”

She scrambled backwards as a scream sounded right outside of their cave. Kia fell out of her arms, landing on her knees on the cushion. Its woven strands of rush felt harsh under Kia’s hands. Kia stood, staring at the dark opening of their cave as another scream sounded outside.

“No,” Chinara sobbed. “No!”

Fola’s whimpers had changed to a wail of terror that made Kia want to cry but she didn’t. It wasn’t fear that made her heart feel like a captured butterfly. Anger burned inside of her instead. Kia stomped her foot, stepping off the cushion to stomp again.

“You stop it!” Kia said to the Dark hiding outside the entrance to their cave. “You stop it now!”

The screams stopped. So did the burbling sound. Kia stared at the cave entrance, surprised. A moment passed with only Fola’s slowly quieting wails and Chinara’s muffled sobs. Then something moved at the entrance.

It wasn’t dark. Kia blinked in surprise at the person who crawled into the cave. He, she, Kia couldn’t tell which, looked stretched to the point their forearms and shins were as long as Chinara was tall. Their upper arms and thighs were as long as Fola was tall and Kia thought that the person’s fingers stretched as wide as Kia’s arms from fingertip to fingertip.

But they weren’t dark.

The Dark was grey-white, with skin that looked like a fish’s belly instead of the nice warm brown of Kia, Fola and Chinara. Its eyes were as big as Kia’s fist and when it opened its mouth there were lots and lots of sharp, sharp teeth stained with blood. It hissed at Kia and then made that burbling-grinding noise again.

“Stop it!” Kia yelled at the Dark.

It hissed, twisting its arms and legs outwards at impossible angles so that its head swung lower and lower until its eyes were on a level with Kia’s. When it opened its mouth again Kia stomped her foot hard. The Dark started and skittered back towards the entrance.

“Bad!” Kia shouted, stomping her foot again. “You’re bad! Go home! Don’t you come back again, you bad person, you!”

Kia grabbed the cushion and flung it at the Dark. It keened and sprang backwards as if the cushion was a deadly weapon like Father’s spear had been. Outside, Kia could hear other Dark making frightened keening noises. Behind her, Chinara’s sobs had turned into wails that were louder than Fola’s had been. It sounded like Fola had passed out but Kia didn’t turn to look. Instead she stared at the Dark, stomped her foot and waved her arms the way Mother used to when she chased starlings off of the drying grain.

“Stop it!” Kia yelled with as loud and angry a voice as she could manage.

The Dark turned and ran out of the cave making little barking keens that carried through the night. It was answered by another set, then another, until more than a dozen Dark voices bark-keened in the night, their voices going farther and farther away as they ran from Kia’s anger.


Kia turned and stared at Chinara. She’d never heard her sister speak with that sort of worshipful awe for anything other than prayers. It frightened Kia to hear that tone of voice directed at her. The way that Chinara looked at her was worse, as if Kia had suddenly become the oldest, the one who took care of everyone else.

“You saved us,” Chinara whispered.

“I got mad,” Kia explained. “They’re scaring everyone, hurting everyone, taking them away. I got mad. Mother always said I shouldn’t get mad. Isn’t getting mad bad?”

Chinara laughed and rocked as she hugged Fola who was still passed out. She cried and shook her head no and then yes and then just buried her face in Fola’s twists as she sobbed. Kia stared at her sister, unsure what to do now. The Dark were gone but something really important seemed to have changed though Kia didn’t know what it was.
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Worldbuilding Wednesday: My Mom is visiting!

As the title says, my mom is here visiting which means I really haven’t had time to get a post up for this week. Which sucks. I really did want to get one done.

Instead of something coherent, have some rambly questions that I ask myself when I’m creating a new family for one of my stories:
POD Mountainous Stretch of Wind Cover 06
How does my main character interact with their parents? Guarded, loving, distant, hot and cold depending on their / their parent’s moods?

How does society view parent / child relationships? Are parents always authority figures? Should they view their children as people to guide, raw clay to shape into its final form, potential threats, their future caretakers when they’re old and infirm? Each would result in a different sort of interaction between the parent and child.

How would my character react to suddenly having a child to take care of? Delight, horror, grumbling resentment?

Does this society celebrate parenthood? Denigrate it? Are men as parental figures treated differently or the same as women as parental figures? Are there specific roles for each parent or do they just do whatever needs to be done?

How many parents are expected for any given child? In the US it’s assumed that you’ll have a man and a woman but that’s just here and now. You could have one woman, multiple women raising their kids together, one man, multiple men, mixed groups of men and women who take varying roles with that child. Mix it up–you might end up with something really interesting.

Anyway, I have to scramble back to other things so I hope you’re having a great Wednesday and that your writing and life go well over the next week! *dashes away*

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Just so everyone knows, a selection of my ebooks have been listed as ‘free’ on

This is a pirated copy and they are scammers. DO NOT download anything from them. DO NOT give them your credit card info.

Seriously, just don’t. They also had a few of my fanfics up but those were removed due to the muscle of the OTW and AO3. Thankfully.

And, as an aside, I have zero problems with people passing around copies of my books, ebook or otherwise. That’s fine. That’s word of mouth.

This is not word of mouth. This is a very shady scammer site attempting to make money off ads as they try to steal people’s credit card info.

If you’re a writer, you might check that your books are there. If so, DCMA notices may (or may not) get something to happen. I’ve sent two so far. No response at all yet.

Just a head’s up to everyone here.

*goes back to work grumbling*

ETA: My books have been removed form the site. Finally. FYI, they’ve changed to a .net site from a .com site, no idea why but who knows, it’s probably to keep doing what they’re doing.

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Novel Monday: The Nature of Beasts Chapter 8

The Nature of Beasts POD Ebook Cover 12


In a world that took a different path, Kaleb Macintyre, a former Master, returned home after years away. All he wanted was a quiet life but encountering Nenne changed everything. Both of them bore scars from their pasts. As their relationship grew and they healed, Kaleb wondered if he could have more with Nenne or if his basic nature prevented him from ever finding happiness in Nenne’s arms.

The Nature of Beasts is a sweet romance focusing on consent, knowledge and growing together over time.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

The Nature of Beasts

By Meyari McFarland

8. Revelation

“Dinner was wonderful, Alice,” Nenne said while Kaleb and Master Shane postured at each other while washing the dishes and boxing up leftovers. “I really love the stuffing in your pork loin.”

“It’s pretty easy,” Alice said, grinning at him as several more subs came to join them. Master Shane’s boy Bill looked a little reluctant but Dana and Lena dragged him over to join their group anyway. “Did you really mean it about not wanting to share?”

“Mm-hmm.” Nenne nodded. “I’m pretty clear about what I want and what I don’t personality wise. Not so sure yet on the kink side of things but I do know the sort of Master I want.”

“Someone like Master Kaleb?” Bill asked with his eyebrow raised and his arms crossed over his chest. It made him look very large and dominant despite the lipstick and mascara he wore to emphasize his features.

“Preferably exactly like him,” Nenne said with a big enough grin that even Bill spluttered into laughter. “But seriously, I was in a seriously abusive relationship before Kaleb saved me. I don’t want to rush into anything with anyone.”

They all looked into the kitchen where Master Jack was joking with Master Shane while Kaleb pretended to serenely ignore them in favor of scrubbing one of the pots clean. Nenne could tell that Kaleb wasn’t actually paying attention to what he was doing. He wasn’t using his normal scrubbing techniques and the back of his neck was going redder by the moment as Master Jack and Master Shane compared notes on their favorite sexual techniques.

Alice put a hand over her mouth to try and stifle her giggles before jerking her head towards the living room where the rest of the Masters and Mistresses had gone to sip drinks and talk quietly. She looped one hand through Nenne’s elbow even though he was so tall and she was so short that she had to reach up to do it.

“He is so stuck on you,” Alice said, grinning up at Nenne as entered the living room. “It’s good to see.”

The living room was huge enough that it had three seating areas, one by the bar with comfy leather chairs, a second close to the fireplace with a couple of wingback chairs and a loveseat and then an enormous bowl shaped sofa that was easily as big as a king sized bed. Alice immediately headed for the bowl sofa, crawling right into it to claim the center position as well as several throw pillows.

Nenne settled next to her only to have Alice giggle as she clambered over Nenne to wave at Bill, Dana and Lena to join them even though the other seating areas had Masters quietly talking together with their subs. Her urgent waving made Nenne laugh quietly.

“That’s better,” Alice said once they were all cuddled together on the bowl sofa, Alice by Nenne’s side and Bill with Dana and Lena on the other side of the sofa. “I’m kind of jealous that you’ve got Master Kaleb so wrapped up.”

“He does seem to dote on you,” Dana agreed in the throaty sort of voice Nenne always associated with smokers, not that she smelled like smoke.

“I know,” Nenne sighed, making a face at the jealous looks he got from the other subs. “But it doesn’t matter. Todd hurt him so badly that he’s not willing to have anything more than what we’ve already got.”

“And what’s that?” Bill asked as Dana draped herself over his lap and Lena started rubbing his shoulders, apparently just because she wanted to touch someone.

“We’re friends who talk a lot, cook together and make everyone think that we’re a couple,” Nenne said sadly. He smiled as Alice hugged him. “He’s perfectly willing to discuss anything under the sun, including every kink ever known, but he’s not willing to kiss or even touch all that much. Todd really hurt him but then from what I’ve seen Kaleb hurt Todd, too.”
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Now Available: Mountainous Stretch of Wind!

POD Mountainous Stretch of Wind Ebook Cover 06
Etsuko delighted in the challenge of meeting a new species on a new world. Meeting new aliens, learning of their cultures, was her greatest joy. Not as joyful was dealing with new coworkers who seemed to view her as an odd little threat to their much more important experiments. It would have been fine if their Commander hadn’t ordered Etsuko to smooth the way in their tiny habitat.

Mountainous Stretch of Wind is a humorous SF story of learning to deal with unexpected circumstances and finding joy no matter what’s thrown your way that you’re sure to love.

Find this Book:

On Amazon $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords $2.99 ebook
On Kobo $2.99 ebook
On CreateSpace $5.99 TPB

*cheers* This time I managed to get the post up right away instead of waiting days! :D

This was a fun little short story to write. I like playing with generational differences and having an all woman cast just made it even more fun. I hope you guys like this if you choose to read!

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Free Fiction Friday: Bottling the Cold, Hard Heart

POD Bottling the Cold Hard Heart Ebook Cover 04
Eliza’s comfortable life ended when her beloved grandmother died. Her cousin Sandra swooped in and took it all, from the house to Eliza’s beloved dog, Miki. Nothing Eliza did worked but the one thing she would never give up on was saving Miki, no matter what it took.

Bottling the Cold, Hard Heart is a cozy mystery where family and tradition are the true threats to life, love and liberty.

Bottling the Cold, Hard Heart

By Meyari McFarland


Eliza paused just inside the back fence, heart pounding so hard that her head spun and her stomach churned. Her familiar old yard looked so very barren now. Sandra had stripped out the purple and gold irises that had clustered along the west side of the yard like sunlit storm clouds in the spring. Every single blueberry, concord grape and blackberry bush was gone, torn up as though they were worthless. There was no hope of wine this year, sweet and rich from the fruits of the garden Eliza and Grandmother had spent so many years tending.

Her old oak tree, trunk bent and twisted from the lightning strike that had killed half the tree when Eliza was ten, was gone. There wasn’t even a hummock or stump left. Sandra must have paid to have the stump dug out and the hole filled in before she covered everything in the yard with purchased blocks of dry-edged sod.

Even the old fence, broad boards that Eliza had once decorated with chalk drawings of suns, stars and moons, was gone. Every single bleached grey slab of wood had been whisked away. In its place was an eight foot tall cold, impersonal chain link fence whose only bit of personality was the green plastic coating over the bare metal. The Chelsey’s back yard looked startled at being exposed and old Mr. Quinn’s yard all but glowered, shrubs leaning away from the chain link as if offended by its presence.

Grandmother’s house was as unrecognizable. When Eliza moved in at eight, after her parent’s deaths, Grandmother had insisted on repainting the house in Eliza’s favorite colors. The roof had been covered with new burgundy shingles. Eliza, Grandfather and Grandmother had gleefully painted the siding forest green. The trim had been a rich golden tan. All the doors and window frames had been carefully covered with deep purple paint that made the little rambler look like a grand Painted Lady of the Victorian era.

Not now. The house was white. The shingles were black. Every scrap of color was gone, just like Grandmother’s life was gone, like Eliza’s life was over. Only Sandra’s desires and tastes remained.

Except for Miki, her precious little Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Miki, hopefully, was the last bit of life and color left in the house that had been Eliza’s home since her father killed her mother and then himself when she was eight years old. Now she just had to rescue Miki and go to jail for crossing Sandra.

Eliza wished for that old battered fence for more than just nostalgia’s sake as she edged carefully across the bricks of grass towards the back door. Anyone passing on the road in front of the house could see her there. With all the greenery gone, Eliza stood out like the sole red rose in a display of pure white lilies.

It hardly mattered that Eliza had parked her car a mile away and walked down the much quieter back lane that only garbage trucks followed to get here when there was no cover at all in the yard. Someone had to notice her, had to call the police soon. But no, Eliza couldn’t hear a single car. The afternoon was still and quiet as suited a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of the month. Everyone in the neighborhood was gone, hopefully especially Sandra.

Birds sang next door, a strident Bluejay calling its claim to the neighbor’s garden worms, a little chickadee trilling as it hopped along the top of the chain link fence. The chickadee cocked its head at Eliza, taking in her wild hair, shaking hands, pale face. Then it flew away as if afraid to even look into Sandra’s yard.

And wasn’t that the heart of it all?

This was Sandra’s now. The yard stripped of flowers, trees, shrubs, the fresh sod laid down over the clover Grandmother and Eliza had favored, even the bare black paving stones by the back door with one pristine white-painted iron chair sitting by a carefully centered white ironwork table; it all belonged to Sandra when it had been willed to Eliza.

The Bluejay shrilled as it took flight in a clap of wings that startled Eliza back into the chain link fence. It clanged, startling her even worse. Eliza bit her lip against a scream that would turn to tears, to panic, to shaking and crouching by the gate instead of going in to rescue Miki.

“Miki,” Eliza whispered. “I have to save Miki.”

She pressed her hands to her mouth, shut her eyes. No matter how frightened she was of Sandra, Eliza had to rescue Miki. Grandmother had willed the house and everything in it to Eliza. Sandra had gotten the money, the investments she’d always prized over people and pets, but the house had gone to Eliza so that she’d always have a home for herself and Miki.

Not that the will had stood against Sandra’s lawyers.
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Now Available: Infinite Travels (Collection)!

POD Infinite Travels Collection Ebook Cover 04
Seven journeys: Infinite Travels collects seven stories by Meyari McFarland chronicling travels physical, emotional and metaphorical. Questions of identity, of freedom, of gender and justice are examined in these seven stories that span the genres and explore whole new worlds.

Infinite Travels collects seven exciting trips into the imagination of Meyari McFarland that you will never forget.

Find This Collection:

On Amazon $5.99 ebook or $14.99 TPB
On Smashwords $5.99 ebook
On Kobo $5.99 ebook
On Barnes&Noble $5.99 ebook or $14.99 TPB
On CreateSpace $14.99 TPB

Once again, I’m late getting this up but hey, that way you get the Barnes&Noble link as well as the others. Hopefully soon I’ll be uploading direct to B&N and a few other places but I’m concentrating on getting my backlist up on Kobo first. Then B&N. Then other sites. It’s a lot of work, sadly.

Anyway! This is a collection of my latest and, IMO greatest, short stories. They’re normally $2.99 each in ebook so you’re getting a steal with seven stories at $5.99. If you’re curious about my writing this has a good cross-section of what I write, too.

I hope you enjoy it if you choose to read!

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Worldbuilding Wednesday: The Power of Goals and Deadlines

Hey, welcome back to Worldbuilding Wednesday! With an actual post this time. *cheers* This time I’m talking about the power of Goals and Deadlines because I noticed something yesterday and wanted to share my progress.
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Novel Monday: The Nature of Beasts Chapter 7

The Nature of Beasts POD Ebook Cover 12


In a world that took a different path, Kaleb Macintyre, a former Master, returned home after years away. All he wanted was a quiet life but encountering Nenne changed everything. Both of them bore scars from their pasts. As their relationship grew and they healed, Kaleb wondered if he could have more with Nenne or if his basic nature prevented him from ever finding happiness in Nenne’s arms.

The Nature of Beasts is a sweet romance focusing on consent, knowledge and growing together over time.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

The Nature of Beasts

By Meyari McFarland

7. Dinner Party

“I’m still not sure about that,” Nenne said as he carefully formed a loaf of cinnamon-raisin bread in the kitchen while Caleb dusted his bookshelves purely as an excuse not to be in the kitchen with him. “I mean, I know that Master Jack said it was just a dinner party but I really don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to attend.”

“Why not?” Kaleb said. “You’ll meet good people, both subs and Doms. And you’ll get to see a different side of the lifestyle than what happens at the clubs.”

“I know,” Nenne sighed, pausing to rub the back of his hand against his nose. He left a streak of flour on his face that made Kaleb grin despite his intention to stay as far away from Nenne as physically possible in the apartment. “But I don’t think I want to find someone, Kaleb. Not yet. There’s so much that I don’t know. I mean, sure, I’ve read all this stuff but reading about it isn’t the same as doing it.”

Kaleb chuckled and pointed to his nose, nodding at Nenne who blinked and then laughed as he tried to clean the flour off. “Yeah, that got it. Nenne, you’ll have to attend if you want to get any practical experience. Most responsible Masters and Doms prefer to play in safe locations rather than taking subs back to their homes.”

Nenne made a face at that. The last month had been a strange one, at least in Kaleb’s opinion. Every day Nenne came to visit, just as he had ever since Kaleb met him. He helped cook, clean, chatted with Kaleb about their days. Nothing had changed in that regard.

What seemed different to Kaleb was that Nenne paid far more attention to Kaleb’s moods than he had before. Ever since the discussion about Todd, Nenne watched for any signs that Kaleb might be upset. He didn’t do anything overtly submissive, didn’t kneel or offer himself sexually, but Nenne still made himself available to Kaleb in ways that made it increasingly hard to keep his distance.

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk?” Nenne had asked earlier that week after Kaleb had dodged a casual touch to his hand in the kitchen.

“You keep asking that,” Kaleb had huffed at him, blaming the heat in his cheeks on the roast he was checking rather than the, to Kaleb, painfully obvious response to Nenne’s mere presence. “I really wish I knew where you got that habit from. It’s quite annoying.”

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Damn it!

I intended to have a post today announcing my latest collection of short stories.

It’s up on CreateSpace for $14.99 as a TPB, on Kobo as a $5.99 ebook and on Smashwords as a $5.99 ebook, too.

It is NOT up on Amazon yet despite being uploaded there at the same time as everywhere else.

I have no idea what happened. I’m giving them overnight, possibly through the day tomorrow due to traveling to a con, but then I’m emailing them and being huffy about this. I mean, for heaven’s sake, it’s not even a racy collection of stories!


That’s just the way things go sometimes, I guess. Last time this happened it was something on their end and they fixed it very quickly. Just annoying that it happened again.

Oh well. It’s at least uploaded and you can check it out if you’re so inclined. Off to finish packing things for the con!

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