6. Be With Me

Be With Me POD Ebook Cover 05
August in the city was the worst time of year in Yuseulf’s opinion; the heat made everything unbearable. While Yuseulf spent his time trying to avoid the heat, his lover Izai delighted in it. Both recently freed debt slaves, Izai and Yuseulf didn’t have many material possessions but their freedom made up for it.

Izai’s creativity made up for the heat. He knew exactly how to excite Yuseulf enough that he didn’t care about what other people thought or where they happened to be. And fortunately for Yuseulf, August was the perfect time for Yuseulf’s favorite sort of play: bondage and ice.

Starting their lives over again after paying off their debts wasn’t half as important to Yuseulf as spending as much time as possible with Izai. Yuseulf didn’t let himself think about all the things that he dreamed of in the privacy of his tiny apartment. Whenever he spent time with Izai, there was too much laughter for his hopes and his fears to overwhelm him.

But one hot August evening might just show Yuseulf that the things he’d dreamed of were far more attainable than he’d thought and that his fears were far less justified than he’d believed.

Warnings/Themes: This story includes consensual BDSM, ice play and some public displays of sexual affection that are considered unremarkable in this ‘verse. Overall, though, the story is mostly fluffly.

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On Amazon: $2.99 ebook
On Smashwords: $2.99 ebook
On CreateSpace: $6.99 5″ x 8″ TPB


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