Free Fiction Friday: Cloud Cover

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The mission went wrong from the beginning. Leto and her messenger dragon Cloud Song were left scrambling to make sure that the plans they’d stolen from the enemy camp made it home to their commanders. At first, Leto thought that their team would be able to get out together.

Then a patrol found them and Leto had to flee on Cloud Song’s back. If they could just distract the enemy dragons then their team might survive. Leto directed Cloud Song ever higher into the sky in hopes that they could lure the pursuit away.

Cloud Cover is a tense fantasy adventure set in an alternate ancient Greece with dragons.

Cloud Cover

By Meyari McFarland

1. Fight

Sweat dripped down Leto’s upper lip, pooling and then sliding onto her lips. The night smelled of crushed fern and brimstone from the dragons waiting on the rocky outcrop to their rear. It was hot enough, even this late at night, that Leto felt as though she lay in a warm bath. Underneath her, the grass had long since wilted. It had been cool, faintly scratchy, when she first lay down to scan for warriors following them up the pass but now it was flattened into the dirt.

This had turned into a disaster sometime around the point that Leto was spotted sneaking out of the enemy camp with their new fortification plans. Running for her dragon’s back had only led to their whole group being discovered. They’d barely escaped twice now. Another round might lead to their deaths.

She licked the sweat off her lip. The salt made her throat hurt. Water would be so nice right now. It’d been hours since she’d gotten a drink of water and would be hours more before they made it home. Yes, there was a water skin hanging on Leto’s saddle but Cloud Song had flitted up to sit with the other dragons. Leto would just have to wait until they were home for a drink.

If they made it home.

Sotiria had been curt when she’d told them the risks that evening. Going out at night was bad enough but their mission was twice as dangerous as any normal mission. That was why Kalypso and Ismeme were along. Their dragons were huge compared to Leto’s, hardened battle dragons with dense scales and long horns scared by combat. Leto’s dragon Cloud Song looked like a hatchling next to them but then she was a messenger who was built for speed.

Even Medeia’s dragon Shadow Spear was bigger than Cloud Song. She was outgrowing the legginess of youth and filling out into the sort of dragon who worked best at building nests and raising children. Medeia had said that this was her last field mission. Both Medeia and Shadow Spear were looking forward to having babies to raise in the near future.

All of them were larger and more mature than Leto, just as their dragons were larger and older than Cloud Song. They were the weak links of the mission, the two most likely to make mistakes, the two most likely to get them all killed. Leto curled inwards as she vowed not to make another mistake like the one that had gotten her spotted. She wouldn’t be the cause of the others’ deaths. She couldn’t bear that.

“Can’t see anything,” Kalypso whispered to Leto. “You?”

“Nothing,” Leto replied equally quietly. “The cloud cover is too thick. No moon light.”

“Should we move further out?” Ismeme asked.

Even in the darkness Leto could see Ismeme gnawing on her lip. She touched Ismeme’s forearm, sweat coating her fingertips, to calm her. Ismeme’s teeth flashed in a momentary grin. It was too dark to see if the smile was pleased, sheepish or cocky.

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If you can’t afford to buy the story, please consider leaving a donation. All money received goes toward keeping me writing and posting these stories. Thank you very much!

If you can’t afford to buy the story, please consider leaving a donation. All money received goes toward keeping me writing and posting these stories. Thank you very much!


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I am a writer of erotica, science fiction and fantasy. I've been writing for years but have just sold my first erotica novel and am working on self-publishing my non-erotica. I love sewing, collecting dolls, reading, and a great many crafts that I no longer have time to do. I've been happily married to my husband for 20 years.
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