Worldbuilding Wednesday: Taboos

Hey, it’s Wednesday and here I am scrambling to get something up again. *sighs* I really have to dedicate some time to writing some of these in advance.

Not this week, though! *rueful laugh*

So, today’s quickie subject is taboos. Every culture has them, some little and minor, some world-beatingly horrible to cross.

The subject came to mind because I realized just this week that I’m on the verge of menopause. It’s a strange, strange thing to think about and frankly no one talks about it around me. Not my mother, not my female friends, not even my doctor. But yeah, here I am facing that fact that I’m not twenty-five anymore and pretty soon (relatively speaking) I’m going to be done with periods.

Many other cultures throughout history have treated menopause in completely different ways. It’s been even more taboo, a celebrated rite of passage, and everything between. That’s hardly the only other thing that could be taboo in your stories. For example, tattoos in Japan are so taboo that if you have one you won’t be allowed to go to public baths. Here in the USA they’re increasingly unremarkable. People only notice them if they’re particularly ugly or artistic.

So think about your culture when you’re trying to find some conflict for your character to deal with. How about having them trip over a taboo that they weren’t aware of or maybe deliberately stomp all over that taboo because it distracts the guards chasing their friends and gives them a chance to escape?

And that’s what I have for today. Hope you all have a great week and that you get lots of good stuff done!


About meyari

I am a writer of erotica, science fiction and fantasy. I've been writing for years but have just sold my first erotica novel and am working on self-publishing my non-erotica. I love sewing, collecting dolls, reading, and a great many crafts that I no longer have time to do. I've been happily married to my husband for 20 years.
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