Novel Monday: The Nature of Beasts Chapter 19 (The End!)

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In a world that took a different path, Kaleb Macintyre, a former Master, returned home after years away. All he wanted was a quiet life but encountering Nenne changed everything. Both of them bore scars from their pasts. As their relationship grew and they healed, Kaleb wondered if he could have more with Nenne or if his basic nature prevented him from ever finding happiness in Nenne’s arms.

The Nature of Beasts is a sweet romance focusing on consent, knowledge and growing together over time.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

The Nature of Beasts

By Meyari McFarland

19. Together

Kaleb shivered as Nenne calmly stripped out of his clothes. There was still a part of him that said that this was a terrible idea but instead of saying that Nenne was the bad idea, his inner voice said that allowing anyone else to see Nenne naked was stupid. How could anyone look at him and not want him?

“You’re staring,” Nenne said with a teasing grin.

“You can’t blame me for that,” Kaleb replied as he eyed Nenne’s lean body. “You’re gorgeous, pet.”

Nenne ducked his head and blushed at being called ‘pet’. It was too enticing so Kaleb stepped close and lifted his chin to claim a kiss. The flogging room had been fairly crowded but when Kaleb inquired about getting some time with the cross the health monitor had all but fallen over herself to get them some time right away.

“Everyone’s watching,” Nenne murmured shyly.

“I used to teach classes on flogging,” Kaleb admitted. “I’m sure they’re all hoping to learn something. Plus, you’re gorgeous.”

That made Nenne giggle happily again. “You can keep on saying that forever, Kaleb.”

“Then I will, gorgeous,” Kaleb laughed. “Let’s get you strapped in securely.”

It didn’t take long at all to adjust the cross’s restraints to match Nenne’s long limbs. Whoever had used it last had to have been tall and lean, much like Nenne was. Kaleb made sure that Nenne’s legs were properly spread, that his arms were at the right angle. A quick brush over his back showed Kaleb that there were quite a few whip scars and one spot under his left shoulder blade where Nenne winced.

“Sore spot?” Kaleb asked.

“Mm-hmm,” Nenne said. “Grant used to focus extra hard there. It always hurt.”

“You’re making me regret that I didn’t beat him harder before getting him arrested,” Kaleb grumbled. “We’ll be avoiding that spot. I suspect you have some nerve damage there.”

“I think I probably do,” Nenne agreed.

They’d discussed many times over the past year just what sorts of impact play Nenne liked. Kaleb already knew that the hard leather flogger would be too much, especially for a first time. He bypassed those on the prop table and checked out the softer floggers.

The shortest one wasn’t especially useful for the sort of flogging Kaleb liked. It would be ideal for at home with both of them in bed but here in the club with so much room to work with it was a little ridiculous. The longest one tonight had knots at the tip. Kaleb shook his head no at that. Tonight wasn’t for immediate pain. He wanted to explore Nenne’s responses tonight, feel out what strokes felt best and what he liked the most.

That meant that the middle length flogger was the proper choice even though the tresses were a mixture of hot pink and black leather. Kaleb shrugged off his jacket and removed his shirt, careless of the others seeing his scars and the military tattoos he’d picked up while away. Nenne started giggling when Kaleb picked up the hot pink flogger but Kaleb shrugged. There wasn’t much in the way of choice given what was available tonight.

“It’ll work,” Kaleb said, grinning at Nenne’s amusement and firmly ignoring the grins from everyone watching. “We’ll have to go shopping though.”

“As long as it works,” Nenne replied.

“Deep breaths, pet.”

Kaleb came over and kissed Nenne, letting the flogger trail over his ass and thighs. Instead of a forceful kiss, this time Kaleb kept the kiss soothing. He put as much love as he could into it, trying to show Nenne just how grateful he was for this opportunity. It worked wonderfully to calm and center Nenne, slowing his breathing and his pulse to nearly exactly what Kaleb wanted.

Even if this was a public venue, the flogging was only for the two of them. This wasn’t a teaching opportunity. Kaleb wasn’t giving a demonstration. He was only giving his boy the pleasure that Nenne wanted.

“If it’s too much say stop,” Kaleb ordered Nenne. “If you can’t talk, then flare your fingers out straight. I’ll watch and ask if it looks like I’m pushing too hard, okay?”

“Okay,” Nenne said. “Go ahead.”

His smile was so deeply happy that Kaleb had to give him another kiss before moving behind Nenne. Kaleb waited until Nenne took several slow, deep breaths and nodded before shaking out the flogger. It was a good one despite the hot pink leather. The tresses fell smooth and straight in a tight bundle that would be lovely to work with.

The first swing didn’t hit at all. Kaleb deliberately pulled it to see how the tips reacted, how they twisted and turned. He smiled at Nenne’s gasp and shiver; nodding approval of whoever had made the flogger. It performed perfectly as far as Kaleb was concerned.

When he started flogging, Kaleb took it easy. The first ten blows were soft ones that barely reddened Nenne’s dark skin. He avoided the scarred spot under Nenne’s shoulder. Eventually they would have to get that checked out to make sure that there weren’t any underlying injuries that needed treatment. For now, being careful was enough.

“Good?” Kaleb asked.

“More,” Nenne said so firmly that he got some laughs from the crowd.

Kaleb glared over his shoulder at the people who had laughed, getting nodded apologies from them. He turned back to Nenne, increasing the intensity of the next set of blows, counting ten for each side, alternating. Nenne’s breath sped up but his hands stayed firmly clenched around the chains holding him in place.

Rather than stopping and checking again, Kaleb started the next round of blows immediately. He watched and listened to Nenne, focusing on the sweat breaking out on his body, the increasingly harsh pants. A particularly hard blow against his ass made Nenne gasp but it was a gasp of arousal, not one of pain.

“You are such a wonder,” Kaleb murmured as he came over to kiss the back of Nenne’s neck. He tasted of sweat and leather.

“Oh God, don’t stop,” Nenne whined.

“Mmm, not stopping,” Kaleb reassured him quietly as he checked Nenne’s pulse and then stroked his cock a couple of times. “Just making sure I don’t come too soon.”

Nenne’s groan was loud and desperate. Rather than letting Nenne wait, Kaleb moved back into position. This time he didn’t bother with counting. Instead he set an even pace and varied his strikes’ locations and intensity. He was careful not to hit any one place too hard or for too long, always moving so that he wouldn’t break Nenne’s skin or bruise him.

Sweat broke out on Kaleb’s back and forehead. He smiled, feeling as though he was riding a horse, taking the point in an attack with a full company at his back. No, it was better than that, so much better. Every one of his senses was focused on Nenne, letting him see the dots of sweat as they welled up, taste the salt in the air. He could hear not only Nenne’s desperate moans but also the panting of the submissives in the crowd behind them.

Nenne shivered at a particularly hard blow against his right shoulder, crying Kaleb’s name. Kaleb stopped and came over to kiss the mark he’d left behind. To his joy Nenne pushed back against Kaleb as much as the chains would allow him, shuddering and whimpering at the pain of their bodies pressing together.

“More?” Kaleb asked.

“Oh God yes!” Nenne moaned. “Please Kaleb!”

“Not too much more,” Kaleb warned him. “I don’t want you bleeding for me tonight, Nenne. I just want you to feel me.”

“I do, I do, I do!” Nenne chanted until Caleb bit the side of his neck. He shouted again, his cock jerking in Kaleb’s hand as he nearly came. “Oh fuck!”

The profanity made Kaleb chuckle as he resumed his position. This last round would have to be careful. He wouldn’t make Nenne bleed for him. Honestly, Kaleb didn’t even want to bruise him tonight. Greater sensitivity, the sort of pain that faded in a matter of hours, was what Kaleb was aiming for. He studied Nenne’s back for a moment and then nodded.

Nenne shouted when the flogger hit at full strength. He kept on shouting as Kaleb gave him ten hard strokes on each side, starting at his shoulders and then working his way down to Nenne’s ass. Kaleb avoided the bad spot but other than that he made sure that Nenne’s back stung from the impact of the flogger.

When it came time for Nenne’s ass, Kaleb changed from an overhand stroke to a side stroke, allowing him to target the fleshiest part of Nenne’s rear end. The first stroke made Nenne scream as he went up on his toes. Kaleb saw precome splatter to the floor and grinned. The next on the other side made Nenne twist and scream again. Two more to either side in the exact same spots had Nenne sobbing.

His fingers were still clenched around the chains.

“My perfect pet,” Kaleb murmured as he set the flogger down and then came to pet and caress Nenne.

The crowd applauded, a few of the younger people whistling their appreciation, but the health monitors quickly cleared everyone out. Kaleb waved that Jack and Alice could stay but other than that kept his focus firmly on Nenne.

Only once Nenne’s breath had slowed and he’d stopped moaning did Kaleb free him from the restraints. Jack had already gathered up Kaleb’s jacket and shirt while Alice grabbed Nenne’s so that let Kaleb wrap his arms around Nenne and hold him close while the health monitor checked Nenne’s back and then nodded that he looked okay for further play if they wanted.

“No more impact play though,” the health monitor said. “And no biting on the sorest spots.”

“No, I was thinking more on the order of good old fashioned sex,” Kaleb said, grinning as the monitor laughed.

“Now?” Nenne mumbled into the side of Kaleb’s neck. “Here? Anywhere, God, please!”

“The small orgy room is open,” the health monitor suggested as he pointed across the hall. “That’d be about perfect for the four of you.”

“Thank you,” Kaleb said gravely enough that Nenne started giggling against his neck. “I believe we’ll take advantage of that.”

“Yay!” Alice cheered as she hurried across the hall to claim the room. “Come on! Play time!”

Kaleb kept an arm wrapped around Nenne’s back, careful of the sore spots that he knew Nenne had, as they followed Alice. The small orgy room was in fact empty. It hadn’t changed much in the last sixteen years. It was still just a king size bed without blankets set up so that there was room all around for people to watch. The bedside table had bowls full of condoms, a waste basket and a couple of boxes of tissues for cleanup. He knew that if he checked he’d find wet wipes in the drawer, along with non-latex gloves, not that Kaleb expected to need those tonight.

As Jack and Alice stripped, Kaleb laid Nenne out on the bed so that he could strip down as well. Nenne groaned when Kaleb kicked his pants off, revealing his erection. Alice sighed happily, beaming at him sunnily when Kaleb raised an eyebrow at her.

“I missed seeing it,” Alice said. “It’s been a long time since it got to play.”

“Mine,” Nenne said, giggling at Alice’s attempt at a tragic look. “Nope, it’s mine to play with. I’ve been waiting for it for ages.”

Kaleb shared an amused smile with Jack, laughing when Jack scooped Alice up and dropped her onto the bed next to Nenne. The lube was in the drawer as well, letting Kaleb settle right down between Nenne’s legs to prep him. Despite the years since he’d played this way, Kaleb found it easy to push Alice’s moans and laughs out of his mind so that he could focus on Nenne.

It didn’t take much at all before Nenne was moaning and thrusting against Kaleb’s fingers. When Kaleb curled his fingers up to brush Nenne’s prostate it made Nenne bark a shout. Kaleb kissed Nenne’s inner thigh, doing it again.

“Too much!” Nenne whined. “Kaleb, please! I want you in me!”

“All you ever need to do is ask,” Kaleb said.

He pulled his fingers out and tossed the condom he’d used for the prep, rolling a fresh one on. Nenne licked his lips and shuddered when he shifted his shoulders on the bed. To Kaleb’s surprise, Nenne pulled his legs back towards his chest much the way Alice had her legs at the moment.

“Want to see your face,” Nenne said hopefully. “Please?”

“Pet, that’s not even an issue,” Kaleb laughed. “Though I may come too soon from looking at you.”

Nenne grinned. He moaned as Kaleb lined up and then slowly pushed inside. Kaleb groaned with him, smiling in spite of his efforts to keep control. Alice had grabbed Nenne’s hand, squeezing it desperately as Jack started hammering her. The temptation to follow Jack’s pace was powerful but Kaleb kept his thrusts slow and even, building Nenne’s arousal even as Kaleb fought against his own.

Kaleb waited until Nenne’s eyes had slid half shut and his lips fell open so that moans could fall out of his mouth before moving one of Nenne’s legs over Kaleb’s shoulder. That changed the angle just enough that Kaleb’s cock started brushing against Nenne’s prostate every thrust. The difference was immediate.

“Kaleb!” Nenne shouted. “Oh God, oh God, yes, don’t stop, oh God!”

“Yes, that’s it,” Kaleb crooned, watching Nenne’s face as he drove Nenne towards an orgasm, their first orgasm together, the first of hopefully many. “Let go, Nenne. That’s what I want to see. God but you’re gorgeous, pet. Let go and give it to me.”

Nenne panted, pressing back into the mattress as he responded to the sound of Kaleb’s voice, the feel of Kaleb’s fingers wrapped around Nenne’s thigh and most importantly the feel of Kaleb filling him up. Alice’s voice rose higher and higher next to them but all Kaleb had eyes and ears for was Nenne, his perfect, beautiful Nenne.

Every thrust made Nenne stare up at Kaleb as if Kaleb was exactly what he’d wanted all this time, exactly what he’d been looking for. Kaleb kept crooning to him, driving Nenne’s arousal higher in a desperate hope that he could hold out long enough to make Nenne come his brains out before Kaleb lost control.

Just as Kaleb was convinced that he was too old and that he’d never be able to keep up with Nenne, Nenne’s eyes went wide as his whole body went rigid. Nenne screamed and clamped down hard on Kaleb’s cock. The increased pressure added to the sight of Nenne’s mouth dropped open for his orgasmic scream pushed Kaleb over the edge.

Come splattered over Nenne’s stomach and chest as Kaleb filled his condom up. Nenne jerked and then sighed, his whole body going limp under Kaleb. Panic surged for a moment but Nenne drew a shuddering breathe that Kaleb could barely hear over Alice and Jack’s noisy orgasms.

Kaleb laughed shakily as he pulled out and then checked Nenne’s pulse. It was fast but even, reassuring Kaleb enough that he could take the condom off and clean Nenne up. Next to them Jack groaned as he collapsed into Alice’s arms. Alice sighed as she wrapped her arms and legs around Jack. She blinked at Kaleb and Nenne, eyes going wide.

“He passed out?” Alice asked.

“Seems like it,” Kaleb said.

There was time enough for Kaleb to curl up with Nenne in his arms before Nenne’s eyes fluttered open. Nenne blinked at Kaleb, a slow, delighted grin blooming on his face once he realized where he was and who was holding him. Beside them, Alice and Jack smiled as they pet and cuddled each other.

“Did I pass out?” Nenne asked, his voice hoarse from the screaming.

“You certainly did. Welcome back, pet,” Kaleb chuckled as he pressed a kiss against Nenne’s sweaty forehead. “I wish you’d warned me that you pass out when you come.”

“Never have before,” Nenne mumbled, still blinking blurrily at Kaleb. “That was… wow. Thank you. Thank you so much, for everything.”

“No, thank you, Nenne,” Kaleb whispered, kissing Nenne’s forehead again as he held his precious boy close. “Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for never giving up on this stubborn old man.”

Nenne chuckled, squirming until he was pressed against Kaleb from head to toe. “That was the easy part. Don’t ever want to let go now that I have you.”

“You never have to,” Kaleb promised. “I’m yours, now and forever, Nenne. You’re my sun, moon and stars. I don’t think I would have ever gotten over it all without you. Come what may I’m yours from now until the end of our lives.”

Nenne pulled back enough that he could see Kaleb’s face. The wonder and joy on his face was so strong that Kaleb just had to kiss him. No matter what happened with Todd or anyone else, Kaleb thought he could get through it all as long as Nenne stood by his side.

The End

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