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Once every ten years a Priestess tended to the temple, painting its murals. Barirah was proud to have that duty but her heart ached for the children she and her wife Jabirah had not been blessed with. But a day of prayer sometimes leads to more than deepening faith and Barirah might just get her prayers answered yet.

Tending the Temple is a gentle exploration of faith, motherhood and what it means to be family in the Mages of Tindiere ‘verse that is sure to warm your heart.

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Finally! This was actually uploaded everywhere on Friday but this weekend was so busy that I didn’t manage to get the announcement post up until now. Gotta work on that.

This story directly ties into my current novel, City of the Dead. The novel is all from Kennet’s point of view but I needed to figure out a few things before I wrote a particular chapter. This story is what happened when I started musing on paper about what happens to a civilization that’s been isolated from the rest of the world with a ‘divine purpose’ for over a thousand years. Turned out to be a lovey little story but it couldn’t fit into the book so you get it in advance of the novel release.

Which hopefully will be before the end of June. *crosses fingers* Then I’ll get to finish Secrets of the Artificer Mages which was written before anything else in the Tindiere ‘verse and which ties SOOOO directly into City of the Dead, and then I’ll be able to write the sequel to Transplant of War which also-also ties into City and then I can write the sequel to City and then…. *laughs*

I have so many stories to tell in this verse and I’m so darn close to getting them out. Probably at least two more novels this year, maybe four. We’ll see how things go on editing Secrets.

Anyway! I hope that you enjoy this one if you choose to read. :D


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