Novel Monday: The Nature of Beasts Chapter 10

The Nature of Beasts POD Ebook Cover 12


In a world that took a different path, Kaleb Macintyre, a former Master, returned home after years away. All he wanted was a quiet life but encountering Nenne changed everything. Both of them bore scars from their pasts. As their relationship grew and they healed, Kaleb wondered if he could have more with Nenne or if his basic nature prevented him from ever finding happiness in Nenne’s arms.

The Nature of Beasts is a sweet romance focusing on consent, knowledge and growing together over time.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

The Nature of Beasts

By Meyari McFarland

10. Master Morgan

“I’m still sad that Master Kaleb didn’t come with you,” Alice sighed as she petted Nenne’s arm. “It would have been really nice to see him here at the club again.”

“Granted,” Nenne said, laughing as the brush of her fingers tickled, “but he’s not ready for that yet. I don’t know if he ever will be, honestly.”

They were cuddled together down in one of the media rooms, watching an old, old movie together. Someone had found a copy of North by Northwest and put that on. Nenne had never seen it before but Alice had squealed and dragged him in despite Master Jack’s put-upon sigh. In Nenne’s opinion Cary Grant’s character was an impatient, short-tempered jerk but the story was interesting with all the twists and turns.

Alice had happily settled in Nenne’s lap once Master Jack slipped away to get another drink. She liked simple cuddling enough that Nenne wasn’t uncomfortable holding her. Women’s bodies were still a bit strange, too soft and round for Nenne’s tastes, but he liked Alice and liked making her smile and laugh.

“Still enjoying the movie?” Master Jack said from behind the couch.

“He’s still a jerk,” Nenne said.

“He is not!” Alice huffed. “He’s gorgeous, just like my Master!”

“Oh, he’s attractive enough, I guess,” Nenne said while deliberately ignoring the comparison between Cary Grant and Master Jack. They didn’t look at all alike. “He’s still horribly controlling, short tempered, preemptive and rude.”

Alice nodded that that was true. When she looked over her shoulder at Master Jack with that pleading expression that meant that she wanted him to agree with her for support, Alice squealed with delight. She abruptly abandoned Nenne’s lap to fling herself over the back of the sofa to hug another Master who was standing by Master Jack.

He laughed and hugged Alice, catching her when she overbalanced and nearly toppled over the back of the sofa. She giggled and tugged at his shirt while flapping one hand in Nenne’s direction. Her fingertips almost smacked him in the face but Nenne leaned back so that she missed.

“Master Morgan!” Alice squealed. “You have to meet Nenne. He’s been training with Master Kaleb and he’s sweet and kind and adorable and not looking for a permanent Master even though he so deserves one.”

“Alice!” Nenne huffed through his laugh at the introduction.

“That was accurate,” Master Jack laughed.


Master Morgan laughed with Master Jack, apparently more for Alice’s pout than for Nenne’s embarrassment. He was shorter than Nenne with deep caramel skin that reminded Nenne of Rosario, the Latina who was in his culinary classes. Unlike Rosario’s ebony hair, though, Master Morgan’s hair was reddish-brown and so curly that he had to have some African blood. He didn’t have the nose but his lips were wide enough to make Nenne suspect bi-racial ancestry.

“I’m most pleased to meet you, Nenne,” Master Morgan said with a little bow in Nenne’s direction. “I knew Kaleb back before the whole Todd affair. I’m glad to hear that he’s finally coming out of his hole, wherever it was.”

“I really don’t know,” Nenne said, grinning at Alice’s huff. “Kaleb never talks about where he went or what he did. Apparently it’s all classified. But I think he’s starting to do better. He finally admitted that his relationship with Todd was abusive so that’s progress.”

“He abused Todd?” Master Morgan asked, visibly startled.

“Oh no,” Nenne said seriously enough that Master Jack went grim and Alice bit her lip. “Todd abused him. Or they abused each other, maybe. It was a cycle. I think… I think that Todd was emotionally and mentally abusive with occasional violent outbursts. I don’t think that Kaleb was deliberately abusive towards Todd but he did use more physical discipline than he should have. He’s admitted that. They really should have broken up long before they did.”

When Master Morgan turned to Master Jack it was with an obvious plea for confirmation in his eyes. Master Jack sighed and nodded, making a vague gesture with one hand that Nenne suspected was supposed to mean something like ‘I think he’s right but I don’t know for sure.’ To his surprise, Master Morgan sighed and rubbed the back of his neck as if he’d been afraid of that for a long time and hadn’t wanted confirmation of it.

“I know they always talk about how subs are abused,” Master Morgan murmured just barely loud enough for Nenne to hear him. “It’s rare to hear of a Dom who was hurt.”

“Men don’t like admitting it,” Nenne observed. “Female dominants don’t like to either. Kaleb and I talked about abuse patterns just after I escaped from my Master. It’s much easier to just explain it all away, to say that it was your fault. From what Kaleb’s told me so far, he blamed himself for every misplaced expectation, ever fight, every blow they struck on each other. He couldn’t admit to himself until very recently that Todd might have been replicating the cycle of abuse he’d grown up with in their relationship.”


Nenne nodded his agreement with Master Morgan’s mournful word. It was painful to think about but that seemed to be accurate as far as Nenne could tell. Alice huffed at both of them, straddling the back of the sofa and making it shift until Nenne shifted his center of gravity in response. She raised her chin to glare at Master Morgan and then glared down at Nenne.

“This is a party,” Alice declared. “It’s supposed to be fun. I think we need to go do something that we’ll all enjoy.”

“Tickle party on Alice?” Nenne asked with a grin because Master Jack was laughing and Master Morgan snickered at Alice’s serious tone of voice.

She shrieked playfully, diving off the back of the sofa to hide behind Master Jack. Nenne waggled his fingers at Alice, laughing as she started giggling without being touched. Her response was enough for Nenne to tumble off the sofa to chase her. Alice squeaked and ran around the other side of Master Jack, darting behind Master Morgan when Nenne followed. To Alice’s laughing dismay, Master Morgan caught her around the waist.

He kissed her and hoisted her back onto the back of the sofa only to pick her up as the sofa tried to topple over underneath her. Alice clung to him like a little girl, giggling as Master Jack and Nenne got the sofa back in place. She stuck her tongue out at Nenne who responded in kind despite both of the Masters laughing at them.

“She’s trouble,” Nenne solemnly said to Master Jack.

“I know,” Master Jack replied as if he was confiding a huge secret to Nenne. “It’s part of why I love her so much.”

“Awww, hugs!” Alice declared, squirming her way out of Master Jack’s arms to dart over and hug Master Jack.

“How do you keep up with her?” Master Morgan laughingly asked Nenne.

“I don’t,” Nenne admitted. He grinned and shrugged. “I just try not to get caught up in Hurricane Alice too often, that’s all.”

That sent Alice chasing after Nenne to tickle him. He laughed and ran for the buffet table, trusting being in a somewhat more public place to calm her more playful tendencies down. It worked but only because they’d put out fresh cupcakes and Alice had to have one. Master Jack and Master Morgan followed them more slowly, grinning and talking to each other as if they were old friends. Nenne thought that they might be. Alice usually wasn’t quite that silly in front of people she didn’t trust fully, thus the escape to the buffet.

“You cheat,” Alice said once she caught up to Nenne.

“I know,” Nenne replied with a big enough grin that Alice started giggling. “Is Master Morgan nice?”

“Mm-hmm,” Alice murmured, leaning against Nenne’s side as she licked the frosting off her cupcake. “He’s not much into pain play, which I like a lot. Very, very oral though. I think you’d probably like playing with him. He’s between subs right now but not seriously looking as far as I know.”

“Oh,” Nenne said for lack of anything else to say in the face of Master Morgan’s rather obvious eyeing.

Rather than think about the possibility of finding a Master other than Kaleb, Nenne pointed out the cupcakes. That got Master Jack laughing as Alice pretended that she was going to keep them all to herself. Master Morgan’s laughter at their teasing antics got quite a few other Masters frowning in their direction. To Nenne’s surprise, the Masters to a one smiled when they saw Master Morgan standing there.

That said good enough things about him that Nenne didn’t object as Master Morgan gravitated to his side. His interest was obvious even though his pants hadn’t filled out at all. It was kind of nice to have a Master interested in Nenne for more than just the sexual side of things. At least Nenne assumed that was why Master Morgan looked more at his face than at his body. It was quite rare either way and much more like how Kaleb treated him.

“I haven’t actually been to the club for a while,” Master Morgan commented as they watched Master Jack kissing frosting off Alice’s face, neck and breasts. “Is there anything new?”

“They just put in a room full of frog chairs,” Nenne said. “Master Jack said that it was done last week. I haven’t had the chance to see it yet. According to Alice some of them are adjustable so that it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, they’ll still fit.”

“Really?” Master Morgan asked, interest obvious in his eyes. “I’ve thought of buying one of those chairs but the cost always seemed prohibitive for personal use.”

“Alice!” Nenne said, waving to catch her attention.

“Yes?” Alice asked, gasping as Master Jack left a bite mark on her left breast. “Oh, Master!”

“Master Morgan would like to see the frog chair room,” Nenne explained.

“Excellent idea,” Master Jack said.

He scooped Alice up, making her squeak and then giggle as she wrapped her arms around his neck. As Nenne grinned and Master Morgan shook his head in amusement, Master Jack carried Alice up the stairs to the second floor. Nenne followed with Master Morgan by his side, doing his best not to blush and squirm at the amount of attention Master Morgan gave him. Nenne certainly didn’t need Master Morgan to take him by the hand as they went up the stairs but it was still nice to have someone watching out for him that way.

The other Masters on the stairs and then in the frog room didn’t pay any attention to Nenne once they noticed Master Morgan holding his hand. Granted, the frog room was exceptionally busy. All of the frog chairs were full of various Doms and their subs, Masters and their slaves. One of the chairs was being enthusiastically used by Master Todd and one of his girls. When Nenne stiffened Master Morgan pulled him out of the room.

“Are you okay?” Master Morgan asked.

“I’m fine,” Nenne said. “Master Todd just makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like his exclusive focus on sex and nothing else. And, you know. History.”

“Kaleb,” Master Morgan sighed, nodding that he understood.

Nenne heard Alice giggling and squealing so maybe one of the frog chairs had come free. Even so, he didn’t move back into the room, instead standing by the railing with Master Morgan. His hand was still inside of Master Morgan’s. It was surprisingly relaxing rather than nerve wracking as Nenne would have expected. So far he hadn’t encountered a Master or Dom who was this soothing other than Kaleb.

“It looks like we could go back in,” Master Morgan commented as Master Todd came out with his slaves in tow.

Nenne looked inside and saw Alice wiping down the chair that Master Todd had been using. He considered it and then shook his head no. The room was far too crowded with people Nenne didn’t know. No matter how hard he tried he wouldn’t be able to relax in there.

“No, that’s okay,” Nenne said. “Maybe later when it’s not so crowded. I think they put one more frog chair downstairs in the side room by the library. Or…”

When Nenne hesitated, blushing at being so bold, Master Morgan smiled encouragingly. “Or?”

“We could go cuddle somewhere,” Nenne suggested. “I’m not looking for a permanent Master but… I think I’d like some cuddle time. Kissing and hand jobs are always good.”

“Oral?” Master Morgan asked so hopefully that Nenne winced.

“I kind of have problems with that,” Nenne admitted. “I got orally raped several times and I gag a lot.”

“Heh, I actually meant me going down on you,” Master Morgan murmured, his eyes bright with amusement even as his smile was sympathetic.

“Oh,” Nenne breathed.

He bit his lip as the thought of Master Morgan doing that for him made his cock get hard. Nenne took a deep breath and then nodded as he let it out as slowly as he could. Master Morgan laughed gently, tugging on Nenne’s hand. They checked the various play rooms upstairs. Most were full but the orgy room’s smallest bed was open so they settled there.

Neither of them took off all their clothes. Nenne was halfway through pulling off his shirt when he looked up and realized that Master Morgan was already stripped to the waist. He was far more powerfully muscled than Nenne had expected, with a lean swimmer’s body that made Nenne shudder even though the orgy room was dark enough that it was hard to make out Master Morgan’s face.

“You’re gorgeous,” Master Morgan whispered as he kicked off his shoes and climbed onto the bed with Nenne.

“You too,” Nenne whispered back.

Around them on the big king-sized beds other men and women moaned as they had sex together. Nenne pulled Master Morgan down on top of him, needing a little bit of protection against the sight and sound of so many naked people so close to him. His erection had faded a bit as they’d searched for a bed to share. The noises of everyone enjoying themselves made it flag a little further.

That only lasted until Master Morgan started kissing Nenne. He tasted of lemons and sugar, tart and sweet at the same time. Unlike the subs that Nenne had kissed or Grant, Master Morgan was a slow, methodical kisser. He took his time nuzzling Nenne’s lips, gently restraining Nenne’s wrists only to slide his hands up so that they could twine their fingers together.

His weight on top of Nenne, the taste of his lemonade, the smell of his cologne mixed together to wipe out the sights, sounds and smells of the people around them. As Nenne parted his lips to allow Master Morgan’s tongue entrance everything else faded away. Nenne found himself calming down, relaxing as Master Morgan slowly explored Nenne’s mouth.

“Oh God,” Nenne moaned when Master Morgan pulled back to nuzzle his way down Nenne’s neck. “Oh yes, yes, right there!”

“Mmm, biting is good?” Master Morgan asked.

“Always,” Nenne said and then gasped.

Master Morgan’s teeth slowly tightened on the fleshy part of Nenne’s neck. The bite went from far too gentle to firm to not quite hard enough to perfect over the next few seconds. Nenne’s gasp when it hit too hard resulted in Master Morgan backing off enough to make the bite exactly what Nenne liked best. He chuckled and bit another spot on Nenne’s neck before letting his hands go so that he could work his way down Nenne’s chest.

“N-nipples,” Nenne whimpered hopefully.

“Mm-hmm,” Master Morgan hummed as he moved lower.

His teeth were perfect there, gauging how hard to bite and then never exceeding what Nenne liked best. By the time he let them go to kiss and lick his way down Nenne’s stomach, Nenne’s nipples were so tender that the air felt like it was ice cold. Master Morgan met Nenne’s eyes before opening the fly of his jeans.

Nenne gladly lifted his hips and let Master Morgan pull them off. To his surprise, Master Morgan took off his pants too, leaving them both completely naked. Most Masters would have stayed clothed to emphasize their power. It made Nenne smile and sit up to kiss Master Morgan again that he’d given up that little bit of power while they played.

“Lie back,” Master Morgan said, smiling against Nenne’s lips.

“Hands over my head?” Nenne asked.

“On my shoulders,” Master Morgan replied. “If anything is wrong or two much, just push.”

The added security of that made Nenne whine. He lay back and spread his legs for Master Morgan, abruptly aware of the people in the room again but only because they had stopped having sex. One couple lay together, whispering as they gently touched one another. Most gathered their clothes and left the room chatting quietly as they dressed.

As Master Morgan kissed his way up Nenne’s inner thigh they were almost entirely alone. Master Morgan didn’t appear to notice it but his movements were slow and gentle as he licked and then sucked Nenne’s cock into his mouth. Nenne groaned, his fingers clamping down on Master Morgan’s shoulders.

The man was almost inhumanly good at giving oral. He seemed to know exactly how much suction Nenne could take. Nenne’s eyes had shut when Master Morgan first took him into his mouth. As Master Morgan slowly sucked, Nenne opened his eyes only to find Master Morgan watching his face.

“Oh God,” Nenne gasped.

Master Morgan chuckled around Nenne’s cock. The vibrations made Nenne buck only to have Master Morgan put his hands on Nenne’s hips, keeping him still. That added to the excitement for Nenne. Being restrained, being watched, having Master Morgan play such close attention to him made Nenne’s arousal rise far more quickly than he’d expected. He nodded encouragement, distantly aware of his fingers clenching and releasing on Master Morgan’s shoulders.

“Good,” Nenne panted, “it’s good. It’s good! M-more!”

His plea sped Master Morgan’s movements to the point that Nenne’s eyes drifted shut once again. He couldn’t help but imagine that people were watching them like at the party, that they were wishing they could touch Nenne this way. In the background, Nenne imagined Kaleb naked to the waist, his scarred chest dusted with graying hair. Instead of looking conflicted, Nenne imagined Kaleb rubbing his crotch in time with Master Morgan’s movement.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” Nenne panted.

Master Morgan shifted his grip on Nenne’s hips, encouraging him to thrust into his mouth. Nenne went with it, trusting that Master Morgan would stop him if it was too much. He thrust steadily, the mental image of Kaleb licking his lips and nodding encouragement for Nenne to let go, to come, to fill Master Morgan’s mouth.


Nenne came before he could say anything more, helplessly spilling in Master Morgan’s mouth. Master Morgan pulled off, allowing Nenne to come over his belly. He moved up once Nenne was done to kiss and slowly rock against Nenne’s hips. The additional stimulation made Nenne shudder but he wrapped one leg around Master Morgan’s hips, encouraging him to thrust.

“Mmmm, may I?” Master Morgan asked.

“On me, on me, on me!” Nenne grunted, rocking and thrusting back up against Master Morgan. “Please!”

“You are so…”

Master Morgan’s voice trailed off into enthusiastic grunts as he used Nenne’s come to lubricate his cock. He held Nenne down and thrust hard enough to bounce Nenne on the bed. Nenne whined, clinging to his shoulders and hips with his arms and legs. It didn’t take very long at all before Master Morgan stiffened, his head going back as his mouth dropped open. Wetness bloomed between them. Several hard jerks and a full body shudder later, Master Morgan groaned as he collapsed on top of Nenne.

“Oh, you are such a wonder, Nenne,” Master Morgan murmured into the curve of Nenne’s neck.

“Mmm, thank you,” Nenne whispered, embarrassed and pleased and nervous and ultimately content to lie in his arms for a little while.

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