Novel Monday: The Nature of Beasts Chapter 8

The Nature of Beasts POD Ebook Cover 12


In a world that took a different path, Kaleb Macintyre, a former Master, returned home after years away. All he wanted was a quiet life but encountering Nenne changed everything. Both of them bore scars from their pasts. As their relationship grew and they healed, Kaleb wondered if he could have more with Nenne or if his basic nature prevented him from ever finding happiness in Nenne’s arms.

The Nature of Beasts is a sweet romance focusing on consent, knowledge and growing together over time.

Warning / Themes: This novel addresses themes of abuse and recovery, BDSM and gay romance in a dystopian world. Please read with caution if you have any issues with these themes.

The Nature of Beasts

By Meyari McFarland

8. Revelation

“Dinner was wonderful, Alice,” Nenne said while Kaleb and Master Shane postured at each other while washing the dishes and boxing up leftovers. “I really love the stuffing in your pork loin.”

“It’s pretty easy,” Alice said, grinning at him as several more subs came to join them. Master Shane’s boy Bill looked a little reluctant but Dana and Lena dragged him over to join their group anyway. “Did you really mean it about not wanting to share?”

“Mm-hmm.” Nenne nodded. “I’m pretty clear about what I want and what I don’t personality wise. Not so sure yet on the kink side of things but I do know the sort of Master I want.”

“Someone like Master Kaleb?” Bill asked with his eyebrow raised and his arms crossed over his chest. It made him look very large and dominant despite the lipstick and mascara he wore to emphasize his features.

“Preferably exactly like him,” Nenne said with a big enough grin that even Bill spluttered into laughter. “But seriously, I was in a seriously abusive relationship before Kaleb saved me. I don’t want to rush into anything with anyone.”

They all looked into the kitchen where Master Jack was joking with Master Shane while Kaleb pretended to serenely ignore them in favor of scrubbing one of the pots clean. Nenne could tell that Kaleb wasn’t actually paying attention to what he was doing. He wasn’t using his normal scrubbing techniques and the back of his neck was going redder by the moment as Master Jack and Master Shane compared notes on their favorite sexual techniques.

Alice put a hand over her mouth to try and stifle her giggles before jerking her head towards the living room where the rest of the Masters and Mistresses had gone to sip drinks and talk quietly. She looped one hand through Nenne’s elbow even though he was so tall and she was so short that she had to reach up to do it.

“He is so stuck on you,” Alice said, grinning up at Nenne as entered the living room. “It’s good to see.”

The living room was huge enough that it had three seating areas, one by the bar with comfy leather chairs, a second close to the fireplace with a couple of wingback chairs and a loveseat and then an enormous bowl shaped sofa that was easily as big as a king sized bed. Alice immediately headed for the bowl sofa, crawling right into it to claim the center position as well as several throw pillows.

Nenne settled next to her only to have Alice giggle as she clambered over Nenne to wave at Bill, Dana and Lena to join them even though the other seating areas had Masters quietly talking together with their subs. Her urgent waving made Nenne laugh quietly.

“That’s better,” Alice said once they were all cuddled together on the bowl sofa, Alice by Nenne’s side and Bill with Dana and Lena on the other side of the sofa. “I’m kind of jealous that you’ve got Master Kaleb so wrapped up.”

“He does seem to dote on you,” Dana agreed in the throaty sort of voice Nenne always associated with smokers, not that she smelled like smoke.

“I know,” Nenne sighed, making a face at the jealous looks he got from the other subs. “But it doesn’t matter. Todd hurt him so badly that he’s not willing to have anything more than what we’ve already got.”

“And what’s that?” Bill asked as Dana draped herself over his lap and Lena started rubbing his shoulders, apparently just because she wanted to touch someone.

“We’re friends who talk a lot, cook together and make everyone think that we’re a couple,” Nenne said sadly. He smiled as Alice hugged him. “He’s perfectly willing to discuss anything under the sun, including every kink ever known, but he’s not willing to kiss or even touch all that much. Todd really hurt him but then from what I’ve seen Kaleb hurt Todd, too.”

They all sighed, Alice leaning into Nenne’s side to continue the hug that Nenne gladly gave her. Lena’s shoulder massage turned into a hug that made Bill smile. To Nenne’s surprise, Dana reached over to pat Nenne’s leg while smiling sympathetically. She was black, too, though she wore her hair straightened out instead of shaved off like Nenne.

“Do you think he’ll get over it someday?” Dana asked.

“Maybe,” Nenne said thoughtfully. “But I don’t think he’ll ever be fully back in the lifestyle. He’d have to see Todd around and I think… No, I’m sure. If they saw each other they’d probably start fighting just like they used to and that’s not something Kaleb will ever allow.”

“You call him Kaleb,” Bill commented as if he was shocked by that.

“Kaleb or Sir,” Nenne agreed. Master Jack, Master Shane and Kaleb came out of the kitchen together, all three of them smiling at seeing them cuddled together. “He doesn’t want to be called Master since he doesn’t live that lifestyle anymore. He doesn’t even run a company anymore.”

Kaleb raised an eyebrow at Nenne as if to ask if he was all right. Nenne grinned and flapped a hand at him, shooing him towards the bar and the other Masters and Mistresses there. From the look on Master Jack and Master Shane’s faces the nonverbal conversation was so painfully obvious, or cute according to Master Jack, that it was ridiculous.

Once again, Kaleb’s neck went red with embarrassment that he would likely never admit to. Master Jack and Alice’s nonverbal conversation was full of grins and giggles. Master Shane and Bill’s exchange of looks was a little more defiant, to the point where Master Shane came over and kissed Bill so thoroughly that Kaleb squirmed jealously. He stopped when Alice poked him in the ribs though he couldn’t help but laugh when she stuck her tongue out at Nenne.

“Trouble,” Nenne pretended to huff at Alice.

“Oh no!” Alice declared so dramatically while flopping over his lap so that her arms ended up in Dana’s face. “I’ve been declared trouble! My life is over!”

Dana laughed at her and hauled Alice so that she ended up in her lap getting tickled while Master Shane and Bill laughed at her squeals and squirming. She didn’t kick much so Nenne just kept one hand on her legs so that she didn’t hit anything tender as she squirmed and laughed in Dana’s arms.

Nenne grinned when Dana waggled her eyebrows invitingly, diving in to add fingers to the tickling. Alice smelled of the stuffing for the pork loin and baby powder after he tugged her lacy camisole up so that he could get at her ribs. Drawing his fingers along Alice’s sides made her shriek with laughter which was more than enough that Nenne started laughing too. Pretty soon Dana was laughing along with them while Bill and Lena had pulled back so that they wouldn’t get kicked.

“Don’t get too wound up over there,” Master Jack called as Dana’s laughter collapsed into amused coughing.

“Whee…!” Alice wheezed, peeking up over the edge of the sofa to grin at him. “Sorry! Cuddles and tickle time are two of my favorite things, Master.”

Master Jack laughed and nodded. “I know. Just don’t break anyone.”

Alice nodded and waved as she settled back down. This time she ended up on the other side of Dana so that Dana was in the middle between Nenne and her. Dana looked like she found that perfectly acceptable. She smiled and ran a hand over Nenne’s arm invitingly. Nenne blushed but didn’t pull away.

She was beautiful. Nenne hadn’t really thought about being with girls all that much but cuddling and kissing was fine. He did glance around to see if anyone looked upset about their cuddling so close. One of the Mistresses, a short Chinese woman in a stunning red silk dress, grinned and nodded encouraging.

“She likes watching me play,” Dana murmured hopefully.

“I um, generally don’t with women,” Nenne admitted.

“Kissing and petting might get Master Kaleb off his fanny,” Alice whispered while giggling.

Bill and Lena were already kissing. When Nenne looked, Kaleb had that ‘I support you in whatever you want to do no matter how much I might feel like screaming’ face that always made Nenne want to smack him. The rest of the dinner guests gathered around, though, blocking Nenne’s view of Kaleb.

He turned to Dana and Alice, swallowing hard around a dry mouth that tasted of chocolate mousse and pork loin. Dana licked her lips while Alice giggled and squeezed Dana’s breast hard enough to make Dana moan. Nenne laughed breathlessly and moved closer, pressing up against Dana.

“No penetration but hand jobs and kissing are fine,” Nenne offered. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Say yes, say yes!” Alice said while humping against Dana’s back. Her hand clamped down so hard on Dana’s breast that Dana gasped.

“I wasn’t going to say no,” Dana chuckled. “Easy, girl. Cool your jets. We’ve got all night.”

“Yay!” Alice cheered.

She dove across Dana to claim a kiss that was full of giggles and squirming. Nenne couldn’t help but laugh as well. Kissing Alice was sort of like trying to cuddle an overly excited puppy. It was all wiggles, giggles and more spit than Nenne usually liked. He could hear Dana laughing as well as Bill and Lena moaning as they did something that made the bowl couch rock but until Alice pulled back all he could focus on was her.

“Hi!” Alice said once she finally let his lips go. She beamed at him, wiggling again.

“You are like kissing a puppy,” Nenne told her while grinning up at her.

“Oh! I think I should be offended!” Alice huffed but she kept right on grinning and wiggling on his hips.

“I don’t know,” Dana said with so much amusement that Nenne looked at her instead of staring at where his crotch met Alice’s very lacy undies. “I think that’s pretty accurate.”

“What is?” Bill asked, his words kiss slurred to the point he sounded drunk.

“They think kissing me is like kissing a puppy,” Alice explained.

“Yes!” Lena laughed as she pulled away from Bill. “That’s exactly it!”

Alice kept grinding on top of Nenne even as the others laughed. She rolled her eyes, squeaking with surprise when Nenne rolled them so that Alice ended up between Dana and him. Dana immediately pinned Alice’s hands, sliding one thigh between Alice’s legs. Nenne followed her nodded suggestion to slid a hand down into Alice’s crotch.

Her panties were already wet. Nenne gulped, finding her clit more by watching Alice’s reactions than by knowing where it should be. As soon as he brushed over it Alice gasped and went still, eyes fluttering with pleasure. Nenne rubbed a little harder, smiling as Alice’s eyes slid all the way shut.

“That spot, huh?” Nenne asked.

“Nnnn!” Alice moaned.

“Definitely that spot,” Dana laughed. “Harder and a little faster, Nenne. Let’s give our gracious hostess an orgasm. Or two. Or three. Or more.”

“Yes please!” Alice gasped.

Nenne laughed at both of them, following Dana’s instructions of harder, faster, little more to the right until Alice started gasping and rocking against his hand. He’d never gotten a girl off this way before. It surprised him how exciting it was to watch Alice’s face flush and her lips drop open. The little sounds she made and the way her eyes looked glazed over when she blinked made his cock react far more strongly than he would have expected.

Bill moved around to wrap his hand around Nenne’s cock, palming him through this slacks. That completely destroyed Nenne’s concentration but Alice grabbed him for a desperately urgent kiss. When he tried to get his hand back where it belonged, Nenne found Dana’s hand already there. She batted his hand away which let Nenne concentrate on kissing Alice and Bill’s hand stroking him.

The fact that people were watching made Nenne shiver. He’d only just met the majority of them. Master Jack and Alice were more than acquaintances but less than close friends. They were nice but Nenne hadn’t spent enough time with them to feel like he really knew them. Truthfully, the only person that Nenne knew in anything more than a casual way was Kaleb.

Nenne grunted and started bucking into Bill’s hand at the thought of Kaleb. His kisses with Alice got more urgent, more desperate, especially as Bill opened his pants and palmed his cock. Bill was rocking against Nenne’s ass, sending gusts of hot, moist air on the back of his neck with every moan. And Kaleb was watching this.

He was watching Nenne kiss and touch, Nenne being kissed and touched. For the first time, Kaleb could see Nenne’s cock, watch as he bucked and moaned and shuddered for the feeling of Bill’s teeth on his neck. All of this was right there for Kaleb to see.

“Aahn!” Alice shouted.

Bill bit harder on Nenne’s neck, making him shout and then buck as he came. Dana was moaning so loudly that Nenne thought she might be coming too. He forced his eyes open and whined when he realized that Lena was between Dana’s legs, eating her out. Alice blinked at him and then rolled so that she could watch too.

“Oh, I like that,” Alice murmured.

“Deep, deep, so deep,” Dana panted as her legs shook violently.

Alice cut her gasped words off with a kiss that looked like tongue fucking. Nenne shivered and pressed back against Bill, panting still even though his cock was starting to go down. From the corner of his eye he could see Master Shane watching them but it was Kaleb’s face that Nenne focused on after a second.

Kaleb’s eyes were fierce and intent until Nenne blinked and looked in his direction. Then he whipped his head away so that he wouldn’t be caught looking at Nenne. It was frustrating but Nenne just sighed as he rolled over to kiss Bill gently. There was a big wet spot on the front of Bill’s pants so Nenne didn’t worry about returning the favor right away.

“He really is messed up,” Bill whispered against Nenne’s lips as he caressed and nuzzled each other.

“Yeah,” Nenne sighed. He grunted as Bill pinched a nipple. “Oh yeah, that’s good.”

“Talk to the other masters about him later?” Bill suggested.

Nenne laughed and shook his head no. “He just needs more time. I’m working on him.”

“Work on this,” Bill said, grinning as he guided Nenne’s hand to his cock.

“Gladly,” Nenne said.

He started stroking Bill, jerking as Bill’s hand wrapped around his cock. Behind Nenne, all three of the girls were whining and moaning. Whatever Lena was doing to Dana had her shaking so hard that the whole bowl sofa shook with it. Nenne kept his eyes shut as he kissed Bill and jerked him off in a slow, methodical pace that pretty quickly had Bill clinging to him while whining desperately.

It was Nenne’s pace, the way he liked to masturbate when he thought of Kaleb taking him. Once again, just thinking of Kaleb made Nenne buck and groan. Kaleb was watching. He was. Nenne knew that he’d keep watching as long as Nenne kept his eyes shut. Kaleb’s eyes had to be burning as he stared at Nenne. His mouth would be slightly parted, the lips barely moist at all.

Every time Nenne had seen Kaleb even slightly aroused played through Nenne’s mind, adding details to his mental image of Kaleb. His neck would be red, the color bleeding up into his cheeks in blotchy patches. Kaleb’s shoulders had to be hard as a rock as he held himself back. Nenne stroked Bill faster, adding a little twist to his wrist that made Bill shout and buck desperately.

His need recaptured Nenne’s mind, letting him focus on performing for Kaleb and the other Masters rather than on anything else. Bill nodded desperately and lifted his hips when Nenne tugged at his jeans, trying to get them out of the way. A little bottle of lube appeared, passed over by Alice if the cute flower rings were anything to judge by.

“Oh please, oh please, oh please,” Bill panted as Nenne slicked his cock up and then began giving him the best hand job Nenne could.

“Show Master Shane how much you’re enjoying this,” Nenne whispered into Bill’s ears. “Help me tease Kaleb with it, Bill. Help me show him what he’s missing.”

“Oh fuck yes,” Bill groaned.

He grabbed Nenne’s head with one hand, pulling him in for a kiss while spreading his legs to that all the watching Masters could see exactly what Nenne did to him. Nenne kissed him hard and deep, the way Bill seemed to want it. The harder he kissed the slower Nenne went with his hand, drawing it out so much that Bill started moaning continuously. By the time Nenne’s wrist started getting sore, Bill had sweated through his shirt.

“I need, I need…” Bill panted, shaking his head as Nenne slowed even further. “No, faster!”

“But do you have permission?” Nenne asked.

When he looked over his shoulder this time, Kaleb didn’t look away at all. His eyes stayed locked on Nenne’s fist wrapped around Bill’s cock. Master Shane was standing just in front of him, eyes locked on Bill’s face. He grinned and nodded, licking his lips eagerly.

“He has permission,” Master Shane said, his voice husky with lust. “Make my boy come for me, Nenne.”

“Master!” Bill shouted.

He started bucking into Nenne’s fist, eyes wide as he stared at Master Shane. Nenne hung on, adding that little twist that Bill had enjoyed so much earlier. It might have looked like Nenne was focusing on Bill and Master Shane but other than keeping his grip just tight enough, Nenne’s attention was elsewhere.

All he cared about was the way that Kaleb stared. Nenne squeezed a hair tighter with his pinky while mouthing Bill’s cheek. That was all it took to push Bill over the edge. At the same time that Bill shouted and came all over Nenne’s hand, Kaleb clamped a hand around his crotch. He could see the way Kaleb fought against an orgasm.

Bill turned his head and captured Nenne’s lips for a long, slow, panting kiss that made Nenne smile. When he relinquished Bill’s lips, Master Shane was there to take Nenne’s place. He moved back only to have Lena claim his hand so that she could lick the come away. Nenne grinned and let the girls pull him into their arms.

“Kaleb’s so red,” Alice whispered into Nenne’s ear. “Should we do more to get him off his ass?”

Nenne laughed and hugged her, smiling as she cuddled up in his arms as if the hug was the best thing ever. She sighed happily enough that Nenne just held her even as Lena and Dana moved over to bracket Master Shane and Bill. When Nenne peeked over the edge of the bowl sofa’s back, he saw another couple making out by the fireplace and one of the Masters getting a blow job by the bar.

Once again though, when Nenne looked at Kaleb he looked away. Nenne sighed and tipped Alice’s chin up for a kiss. She grinned and wagged her eyebrows at him, especially as Master Jack settled by Nenne’s feet so that he could run his hands over Alice’s back.

“I don’t think more kissing would be bad,” Nenne said to Alice.

“I can talk to him,” Master Jack offered quietly enough that Kaleb probably wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“No, I’ll handle it later,” Nenne said equally quietly with a sweet smile at him that made Kaleb jerk and go pale in the background. “It’s my problem to deal with, not yours.”

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