I have a cold.

Not a bad cold, not one of the ones that knock you flat and make your entire body ache. Not the endless steam of tissues and non-stop cold medicine just to be able to get up and shuffle around the house.

It’s a half-stuffed head, occasionally drippy nose. It’s a ten pound weight on my chest instead of a hundred pounds. It’s a cough every now and then plus a general feeling of mung.

Mung is a medical term. Yup.


My company’s closed down all next week for maintenance over the 4th of July week so I have a nice long stretch to get over this. Unfortunately I have to make it through today before I get to that nice long stretch of quiet time.

Oh well, at least it’s not a bad cold, right?


*shuffles back to work*


About meyari

I am a writer of erotica, science fiction and fantasy. I've been writing for years but have just sold my first erotica novel and am working on self-publishing my non-erotica. I love sewing, collecting dolls, reading, and a great many crafts that I no longer have time to do. I've been happily married to my husband for 20 years.
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