Coming Soon: Repair and Rebuild

Rebuilding the future that was nearly lost.

When the Tourmaline Seas limped back into port, everyone in Raelin’s family was stunned that she’d made it. She’d lost a mast and had so many holes in the hull that it was only with the Goddesses’ blessings that her crew and cargo had survived. More than anything, Raelin wanted to see her back on the seas, blue Dana sails snapping in the wind as her crew sailed around the world. To her shock, Raelin got to observe Mistress Chie, owner of Sunrise Shipyard, as she rebuilt the Tourmaline Seas.

Raelin’s joy in repairing the Tourmaline darkened as the Delbhana plotted to steal the Tourmaline away. When that didn’t work the Delbhana struck straight at the heart of the Dana Clan, trying to steal all the children, Raelin included. If she failed, Raelin knew that she might never see her family and home again.

Repair and Rebuild is a fascinating coming of age story set in the Matriarchal world of Muirin.

Last in the Tales of the Dana Clanhouse series of stories, Repair and Rebuild tells Raelin’s story as she works to rebuild the Tourmaline Seas despite everything arrayed against her, from the weather and inexperience to Delbhana plots that could destroy her family or even end her life.

Repair and Rebuild will be available in the middle of November at all major booksellers.

It’s preceded by:
Cover for the novella The City of the Ladies
The City of the Ladies
On the matriarchal world of Muirin, seven-year-old Anwyn of the Dana Clan had no interest in going to the Delbhana Clan’s big party. Her arch-rival Siobhan would be there and Anwyn had promised not to pick a fight with her, no matter how tempting it was to break the older girl’s nose. When Anwyn’s efforts to protect her twin brother Cadfael from Siobhan’s bullying failed, she was ready to fight even if it would get her in trouble with her mother and aunts.

But an escalating series of near-fights between Anwyn and Siobhan led to a dare that Anwyn couldn’t turn down, not after Siobhan failed so miserably at it. Accepting the challenge was the only thing that honor and pride would allow her to do, as well as the only way she had to protect her twin from Siobhan’s bullying. So Anwyn marched off to the City of the Ladies, that alien fortress of crystal and silence in the middle of the river. What she found there was worth all the teasing and fights that head lead up to the challenge: the mysterious Ladies themselves at the heart of the City that the Delbhana Clan wanted everyone to forget.

(This story is appropriate for young adults and adults. It contains bullying, some off-screen corporal punishment, matriarchal societies and one seven-year-old girl who bites off a bit more than she can chew one day. This is the first in a series of planned stories following Anwyn and her rather unconventional family.)

Fight Smarter Front Cover 09 300dpi
Fight Smarter
On the matriarchal world of Muirin, thirteen-year-old Gavin of the Dana Clan was painfully aware that he was being groomed for a powerful position in the family despite his gender. He wasn’t sure that he wanted it until he caught his younger sister Gwen helping their little sister Anwyn through the back hallways of the Dana Clan House, both of them injured and covered with blood.

Anwyn’s injuries and how she got them threatened to destroy the fragile peace their mother had brokered. The other powerful clans in Aingeal barely supported the Dana against their rivals the Delbhana after Anwyn’s adventure in the city of the Ladies. Between the threats the Delbhana posed and the rising violence Anwyn’s rival Siobhan had visited upon her, though, Gavin saw an opportunity.

If he could ride the tides of the confrontation correctly, Gavin thought that he could beat back the Delbhana and save his little sister’s life. If he failed everyone in the Dana Clan would pay the price, starting with Gavin himself.

Ebook Hide and Seek Cover 03
Hide and Seek
On the matriarchal world of Muirin, Dana Aravel was looking forward to a quiet afternoon spent knitting socks for his mother while everyone waited for the next ship to arrive in port. However his little sister Anwyn’s bad mood destroyed that hope. She was so cranky that Aravel knew there was no chance he’d get the quiet needed for concentration.

Instead, he proposed a game of Hide and Seek for all the kids in the Dana family with the reward of a special treat to the winners. He was sure that he and Cadfael could win the game but then he was distracted first by the possibility of cookies and then by the chance to right a wrong and make his Uncle Athol happy.

All Aravel had to do was convince the adults that a marriage between Athol and his best friend Ruark would solve all their problems. A deal between the Dana and Ruark’s family would benefit both sides as well as protect Ruark from the racial stigma he faced on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be easy but Aravel was determined to make Uncle Athol and Ruark happy, no matter what stood in their way.

POD Stormy Arrival Ebook Cover 03
Stormy Arrival
Anwyn wanted to celebrate finally getting crutches. Weeks spent cooped up in bed was far too long. But her private celebration of independence arrived at the same time as a crisis for her family. The Tourmaline Dreams, one of her family’s ships, was overdue and coming in during an unseasonal storm.

The Tourmaline’s dramatic arrival revealed secrets that Anwyn hadn’t suspected and opened her eyes to truths that she couldn’t have known. Stormy Arrival is a sweet childhood story exploring just what family and acceptance really means, set in the matriarchal world of Muirin.

Repair and Rebuild is also followed by Fitting In:
Fitting In POD Cover 05 ebook version
On the matriarchal world of Muirin, sixteen-year-old Cadfael of the Dana Clan knew many things; most importantly that he was miserable living in his family’s home. Unfortunately, every time he left home he faced harassment that sent him running straight back. Trapped between his personal safety and everyone else’s expectations, Cadfael didn’t see a way for things to change.

But then he was sent on a surprise trip around the world to Ntombi, a land of dark-skinned people, harems full of pampered men and two siblings who seduced his very soul. Ynes, general of the Ntombian armies, spoke to the part of his heart that wanted to be protected and listened to. Macario, her only brother and leader of the men’s harem, tempted Cadfael on a much more physical level.

Ntombi seemed to be the place he’d always looked for and never found but his family’s history and the political forces in Aingeal and Ntombi made it seem impossible that he’d ever get to claim a life with Ynes and Macario. Cadfael had a choice to make, a dare to face and the only hope for a happy life for the three of them rested in Cadfael’s frightened hands.

Come explore Muirin with the Dana family as they go about their lives, build their business and do their best to make the world a better place despite those arrayed against them!


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