Free Fiction Friday: Wedding Plans

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Dorcia’s wedding plans consumed the household. Hipatia, her younger half-sister, knew that what Dorcia got for a wedding dress, a husband, a new life would never be hers. Her sister’s affection and father’s regard wasn’t enough to block their mother’s distaste for Hipatia.

But others had plans for Hipatia that she was not aware of. A sweet tale of familial love and the potential of a new life, Wedding Plans is a glimpse into a new life just beginning. Also included is the first chapter of Another Path to Infinity, a tale of seeking for love in all the wrong places only to find it in unexpected places when all was thought lost.

Please note that there are mild themes of parental neglect in Wedding Plans. If this theme might trigger you please read with caution.

Wedding Plans

By Meyari McFarland

Hipatia’s needle slipped into the fabric, taking up a bare eight of an inch before poking back to the surface. A start. It was a start. That was all. She stared down at the fine white fabric for long enough that her eyes misted over. Tears hovered in her eyes as she pulled the needle through, tugging gently to get the cream thread to settle properly, the knot to lodge securely in place.

On the other side of the room, near the big windows with their plentiful supply of bright sunshine, Dorcia and Mother held up lengths of red fabric. This one was too coral. That was far too blue. Hipatia did her best to ignore their words. Red was Dorcia’s color. She would be stunning no matter which length of red fabric they chose for her wedding dress.

It would be grand, of course. Mother wouldn’t settle for anything less for her beloved oldest daughter. Hipatia already knew that her wedding, if it ever happened, would be small, modest, discrete. That was to be expected. Hipatia was nothing more than the unfortunate daughter that had resulted from Father’s dalliance with a slave girl during Mother’s pregnancy with Dorcia. She was lucky not to have been sold as a slave when she was old enough.

“Hipatia!” Mother snapped. “Stop mooning and get over here to help!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Hipatia said.

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About meyari

I am a writer of erotica, science fiction and fantasy. I've been writing for years but have just sold my first erotica novel and am working on self-publishing my non-erotica. I love sewing, collecting dolls, reading, and a great many crafts that I no longer have time to do. I've been happily married to my husband for 20 years.
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