Worldbuilding Wednesday: History of the Tormal Verse

I’m back with another installment of Worldbuilding Wednesday. Once again, I’m focused on Under the Tormal Shadow. Bear in mind there are spoilers for my future stories all over the place in this for current and future storylines. As always, feel free to ask questions about all of this.

So, last time I explained how I came up with the maps for the Tormal Verse and what races I decided to include as well my decision to include factors that inevitably led to lots of racism, classism, sexism, etc. While I enjoy reading stories that don’t include such themes, I tend not to invest much in them. The stories that I love the most tackle really big themes.

They talk about racism. They address sexism. They try to get a handle on the big issues that lurk in the real world. Granted, it’s not always handled well but the stories I love the most do try.

I always wanted to write stories like that.

So, as I sat down to develop the Tormal Verse I decided that people are people in this world, too, and those issues existed there. My approach to the big issues has changed since I started writing in the Tormal Verse but that’s fairly normal, I think. I am looking forward to putting more stories out in this ‘verse.

Partly because I decided very early on that I wanted a world where Gods were real. Not real in the sense of faith that people have towards their religion but real in the sense of ‘these are my Chosen People and I play favorites for them’. I wanted Gods who meddle with the physical world, ones who interfere in people’s lives, who fight with each other and whose battles affect everyone, everywhere.

The very first story I imagined for the Tormal Verse is the Wars of Time. I have yet to write it but I will eventually. It’s set 200,000 years in the past when the God of Time goes mad and decides to rewind time so that he can get his lost love back. This does not go unnoticed but it’s hard to stop a God who can undo everything you attempt against him.

I believe that when I write The Wars of Time it will be at least a trilogy with a proper quest structure and Gods teaming up with mortals and all the races taking sides. It’s going to be gloriously fun and so hard to write with all the time jumps and rewinds. XD

At the end of the Wars of Time, the Gods were sealed away from the world, unable to touch it. That lasted until the trilogy I first wrote and posted on my LJ as Book 1, Book 2 and Book 3. If you choose to go read those please bear in mind that they’re my earliest posted writing and they’re terrible!

No joke, I keep them up to remind myself of how far I’ve come. When I rewrite those stories I’m going to start from scratch and do it all over again without reading the original versions. Probably. We’ll see. I may skim them but I certainly won’t be reworking the first drafts. They’re just too rough for that.

Either way, the events in that trilogy set the Gods free to meddle again and set up my favorite characters for more adventures. I’ve written multiple (all first draft material) books for this ‘verse. There’s Garnet and Dair’s story, where a Dragon meets his lifebond and discovers he’s an Elf. There’s Yasmin’s story, a smut-filled adventure where a prostitute lifebonds to a price and they overthrow the prince’s father. Kio’s Dance is a story of avatars for the Gods of Life and Death separated by child abuse, brutality, slavery and then reunited as the Gods force the world to work as they want it too. I’ve got Rikio’s Quest, which is still unfinished, sadly, and Under the Dragon’s Siege. That one needs to be expanded by at least three, especially because it directly addresses the Tormal for whom this ‘verse is named. And there are more stories, more books, so many things I have planned.

*sighs for the lack of time*

Every single one of the stories I’ve written so far helped me build the world. This is a post-apocalyptic world. The population (human, Elf, Dragon and ghoul) was quite literally devastated a bit over 100 years ago. The Tormal Dragons overran the other countries, eating everyone and everything that came to hand. I know exactly why though I have yet to write that story.

All the stories I mentioned above (other than Wars of Time) take place in a world filled with graves and ruins, where the ghosts of the dead are still fresh in everyone’s minds. After the Tormal were driven back to their homes by the other Dragons the human population was literally one tenth what it had been before. A large city before the Tormal Wars would have been close to a million people. Now it’s less than 100,000.

It’s kind of hard to talk about the Tormal Verse because it’s so large in my head. I have hundreds of thousands of years of history and half dozen races that I’ve developed. There are bunches of Gods who try and gain power through their followers. The Tormal Verse is huge and I fully expect that I’ll write in it until the day I die.

To make my life easier, I think I’ll talk about one thing at a time. Overviews are lovely but they really don’t get into the nitty gritty details of worldbuilding. I think next week I’ll start with Books 1 through 3 because they’re the first things I actually wrote for this ‘verse. Then I’ll move on to other stories.

If you have any questions do please ask. I’d love to talk about all of this. Thank you for reading!

I love writing. I love worldbuilding. I love talking about worldbuilding. But doing these posts takes away from writing stories that I can sell. If you enjoyed this post please consider leaving a donation. Thank you!


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