Free Fiction Friday: Be With Me

Today’s Free Fiction Friday is Be With Me, my fluffy ice play in the middle of August heat wave story. Hope you all enjoy it!
Be With Me POD Ebook Cover 05
August in the city was the worst time of year in Yuseulf’s opinion; the heat made everything unbearable. While Yuseulf spent his time trying to avoid the heat, his lover Izai delighted in it. Both recently freed debt slaves, Izai and Yuseulf didn’t have many material possessions but their freedom made up for it.

Izai’s creativity made up for the heat. He knew exactly how to excite Yuseulf enough that he didn’t care about what other people thought or where they happened to be. And fortunately for Yuseulf, August was the perfect time for Yuseulf’s favorite sort of play: bondage and ice.

Starting their lives over again after paying off their debts wasn’t half as important to Yuseulf as spending as much time as possible with Izai. Yuseulf didn’t let himself think about all the things that he dreamed of in the privacy of his tiny apartment. Whenever he spent time with Izai, there was too much laughter for his hopes and his fears to overwhelm him.

But one hot August evening might just show Yuseulf that the things he’d dreamed of were far more attainable than he’d thought and that his fears were far less justified than he’d believed.

Warnings/Themes: This story includes consensual BDSM, ice play and some public displays of sexual affection that are considered unremarkable in this ‘verse. Overall, though, the story is mostly fluffly.

Be With Me

By Meyari McFarland

1. Making a Promise

Yuseulf gasped when an ice cube landed on his wrist. The shard of ice immediately started melting into a puddle, tendrils of water curling around its base only to roll down the curve of his bone where it slowly gathered into a droplet on the heel of his hand. He shivered, staring at the apparently innocent little piece of ice as it slowly melted into nothingness from the combined heat of the day and Yuseulf’s body warmth.

He turned to stare at Izai. Mischief lit up Izai’s dark brown eyes. When Izai smiled at him there was the crunch of another ice cube being chewed. Yuseulf licked his lips, tasting broccoli and beef on his lips. He leaned close enough to smell the spicy Kung Pao Chicken that Izai had chosen for lunch.

“Yes?” Izai asked with laughter lurking in his voice.

“That’s very cold,” Yuseulf murmured.

“I’m sure it is,” Izai agreed.

The mischief spread into a grin as he pulled another ice cube out of his drink and slowly slid it over the back of Yuseulf’s hand. Yuseulf’s breath caught when the ice cube dipped between his first and second fingers, coming back to circle on the back of his hand only to descend into the flesh between his thumb and the palm of his hand.

Around them, the other patrons of the restaurant went about their business. The next table over had a pair of debt slaves complaining about their respective Masters while comparing notes on how long it would take to pay off their debts. In the corner of the little restaurant a young woman made her nearly naked true slave kneel on the floor while she sat across from a man who looked like her father or uncle. Several children at one table laughed and played with their food while their harried mother tried to get them to eat without making a mess.

“We can’t do this here,” Yuseulf hissed because his pants were filling out from the sensation of the ice gliding over his body. “Izai! There are people watching!”

“Mmm-hmm,” Izai murmured with that wicked grin that always made Yuseulf’s heart beat faster. “None of them think it’s anything more than me cooling you off on a hot August day. They couldn’t care less.”

It was a truth that Yuseulf didn’t want to admit. The other patrons should be staring at them, should be pointing at the blatant foreplay being carried out in front of them. But no, when Yuseulf dared a glance around the room no one even looked their way. They went on with their conversations, their scolding, their desperate pleas for quiet and good behavior while Yuseulf felt himself unraveling under the ice gliding over his skin.

Yuseulf bit back a moan. He wanted more. There should be more. They should be back home in Izai’s little apartment, Yuseulf tied to the hard kitchen chair. Izai should be running ice cubes over Yuseulf’s nipples, letting water pool in his belly button, stroking it across Yuseulf’s hard cock. Heat bloomed on Yuseulf’s cheeks as he pushed back from their little table.

“Let’s go,” Yuseulf said.

“Already?” Izai teased but he gathered up their tray without complaint. “Where to now?”

“Home,” Yuseulf said and to hell with the people watching from the corners of their eyes, if they even noticed the two of them. He adjusted himself in his pants as he stood.

“Mmm, sounds good to me,” Izai chuckled. “Always glad to have you be with me.”

Yuseulf followed Izai out of the restaurant, across the street and down into the subway system. It was rush hour so the security guards were rude and harried as they tried to scan every passenger for explosives and guns. Izai submitted to his scan calmly but Yuseulf couldn’t help but squirm when the security guard ran the wand over his crotch. At more than half hard, Yuseulf’s crotch got far more attention than he felt it deserved, at least until Izai chuckled and ran a hand over the back of Yuseulf’s neck.

The act of claiming Yuseulf so publically made him shudder. It also made the security guard snort and glare at Izai for wasting his time. They were both waved on through, down the stairs and into the sweltering heat of the underground train station. Roving guards with guns looked as hot and tired as everyone else in the station, not that they paid the slightest attention to Yuseulf and Izai.

“We’re just in time,” Izai said as he hurried to their stop. “Looks like the next train is coming in.”

“Good,” Yuseulf said, doing his best to stay right behind Izai as they dodged through the throngs of people rushing from platform to platform.

He followed Izai into the train when it came, full nearly to bursting with people sweating and exhausted by the heat wave. The coolness on his hand faded but the arousal the ice had caused didn’t. Izai backed Yuseulf into one of the corners by the door of their car, staying between him and everyone else.

As the train went around a corner Izai slid his knee between Yuseulf’s legs. Heat bloomed across Yuseulf’s face though his blush didn’t look very different from the heat-flushed faces of the people around them. He tried to push Izai’s leg away but they went around another corner and Izai was pushed even closer by the people around him.

“Oops,” Izai said, grinning as his thigh rubbed against Yuseulf’s crotch. “Sorry!”

“You are not!” Yuseulf hissed.

“Aw, you noticed,” Izai chuckled. “Sorry I’m not sorry?”

Izai grinned when Yuseulf glared at him, swaying with the movement of the train. He was stupidly good looking as he teased Yuseulf, everything that Yuseulf had always believed he should be and could never live up to. Despite the differences in their looks, Izai seemed perfectly happy with Yuseulf by his side, even though Yuseulf’s nose was two sizes too big and his hair was a perpetually messy mass of curls.

“You’re thinking too hard,” Izai murmured when Yuseulf looked at the people around them to see if any of them were staring in disgust at the two of them together.

“I am not,” Yuseulf automatically protested even though he knew his start of surprise gave him away.

“I can tell,” Izai whispered, his dark eyes wicked with amusement and dominance.

As he said it, Izai lifted his leg slightly, increasing the pressure against Yuseulf’s groin to the point that he couldn’t think of anything else. Every time Izai shifted position it drove his leg into Yuseulf, waking the erection that had begun to go down in the heat of the train car. By the time they arrived at the next station Yuseulf was as hard as he’d ever been and wishing that the ride could go on quite a while longer despite the risk of getting arrested for public indecency.

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